I love you almost as much as pizza

It’s that time of year. The shops are full of pink & red hearts, your insta feed is littered with the how to’s of romance, underwear ads & couples swooning and the supermarkets are pushing their ‘dine in’ meals for two like you and your other half don’t do that every day… Love it or hate it February is all about Valentines Day. Some of us think it’s an overrated greetings card sham and some of us think it’s a great romantic celebration. The festival of love is about as divisive as they come.

Unlike pizza.


Yup. Pizza. Whether you like it deep pan, thin and crispy, stuffed crust, cheesy, meaty, veggie, greasy, healthy, square, round, small, big, hot or cold, eat it with your fingers or with a knife and fork, gluten free, dairy free, in front of the TV straight out of a box, on a side table whilst you play games, or sharing by candle light, pizza brings us together (unless anyone mentions pineapple, if that happens I am not responsible for any fallout).

It is often said that the way to one’s heart is through their stomach so regardless of how you feel about St. Valentine and February 14th show the person you love just how much you care by making pizza. We’ve pulled together a couple of topping suggestions below for wherever you are in your relationships or if the people you love most at the moment are yourself or your friends (and we even trialled them for you so we can promise that they are scrummy. I know, ain’t we good).

For all the Pizza’s we used this pizza dough recipe, it can be adapted to use with whatever flour you want. Spread your base sauce nearly up to the edges, scatter on most of your cheese, place your toppings and then cover with the last of your cheese. Pop in the oven at 180 till crisp and golden. Mmmmm.

Just met them?


Go with a classic, tomato base, mozzarella with maybe a meat topping, like pepperoni or ham, if they’re a meat eater.

Couple years down the line?

Mix it up by swapping your base out with pesto or BBQ sauce. We made this one with a kale pesto base and it added a great freshness to the pizza.


Been together forever?


You know what they say about spicing things up… Push the boat out and try something new with a blue cheese, pear and kale pizza. Brush over olive oil as your base then cover with a thin layer of mozzarella before adding your toppings


pizza for one?


Ain’t you a lucky thing - this means a no compromise, all of your favourites, do what you like pizza. In my case this means I will be loading my pizza with black olives, anchovies and red onions. Shout out to all those out there who are happy to be single.


Celebrating Galentines day?

We didn’t trial this one, but I have it on great authority that breakfast food works fab on pizza too and how better to celebrate love then breakfast pizza, a bottle of vino & your friends.

Now, in the words of Shakespeare, ‘If food be the music of love, play on’

Peas, love & cider to all