Conversations over food: Resolutions


E: Welcome to our first blog post of 2019!

C: I’m not going to sing it this time

E: Conversations with food

C: Over food. With food?

E: Over food? Conversations over Food. Basically what you are reading right now is a genuine conversation me and Charlotte are having. We’re having?

C: Would have had?

E: Would have had, in the past

C: Have had

E: Had on the 25th January, so about a week ago. For you guys. *pause* oh that’s very complicated.

C: It’s like time travel! It’s not like time travel.

E: I think we should first address the fact that we disappeared off the face of the earth both in social media and the blog.

C: Yeh… So Christmas happened and then we had quite a lot of plans to blog around Christmas and then sort of got caught up in just having Christmas and seeing friends and family and…

E: Which was really nice actually

C: forgot to. I mean I hosted a dinner party, took loads of pictures and then completely forgot to do anything with it. And then New Years happened

E: Mmmhmm

C: and I was incredibly busy at work we had a new big boss started and then we just sort of again…*starts laughing*  Sorry I am just watching Elea pick up a piece of pizza and put it back down again going ‘NO’.

E: Self control is not a strong point of mine.

C: I mean, well, you put it back down again so. Yeah so we disappeared for a bit sorry

E: But we’re back and I think we’ve both got some good ideas. I don’t think we want to push ourselves too much about getting things on that are half good, we both strive for, in 2019, to do with the blog is

C: quality over quantity

E: Exactly. Which is what we sort of are all about in general, not just actually writing a blog post but in living our lives, is quality over quantity. So sorry we’ve been away, but we’re back and today we have decided we wanted to discuss New Year's Resolutions or whatever you want to call it

C: All that genuine beginning of year…

E: what are you going to do…

C: Hoola.

E: Yeh.  And obviously of course we, as the title would suggest, are eating while we are doing this.

C: We are eating, yeah

E: As it is one of our favourite things to do.

C: It is not our recipe, it is a

E:  pinterest recipe, I don’t know, you sent it to me.

C: It’s from the Kitchn I think, so we will link the recipe in the blog post so you know what we are eating and I can confirm… This was all Elea actually. I bought the mozzarella, that was my input into today’s dinner, and it is really tasty. Oh, we’re eating pizza (link is at the bottom of the blog post)

E: Yeh… I feel like you should have explained that before. So we’ve got a kale pesto pizza which is just a classic pizza base, kale pesto, some chopped tomatoes and then some mozzarella over the top. And then we have also got some cauliflower wings which are basically cauliflower in a batter and then breaded in the oven, then on top of that you’ve got a sweet soy and honey (although i used maple syrup) sauce with some sesame seeds over the top. So yeah that’s what we are currently eating.

C: And as we have obviously swapped roles I am dressed in all sustainable.. I’m not…I’m lying…yeh that's not what’s happening. So…

E: So let’s get onto the main topic. I feel like we need a little thing starts singing intro theme That’s if we ever had a podcast, that’s it. says ‘Conversations with food’ in a voiceover voice

C: I don’t know, I think I would be a lot better on a podcast then I am on a camera

E: Coz you can’t see yourself

C: I’m a lot more relaxed

E: Definitely. So this was sort of your idea, well it was my idea to have it as a conversation blog post but it was your idea to have it on resolutions so I will let you start.

C: Um ok , well do you have any this year?

E: Throw it back straight at me

C: Well yeh

E: I’ve half a cauliflower in my face… in my mouth

C: in your face?

E: Yeah you know what I mean…Anyway I don’t truly believe in resolutions um because…

C: I feel like they’re setting yourself up to fail.

E: Yeah exactly, however I do like to look at the new year as a fresh start and look at what goals I want to achieve in that year, and what I plan to do and where I want to be by the end of the year. So for me it’s more about setting up for the year ahead rather than trying to get everything done in a January. Like you do your 30 days of this and I’m gonna be really fit and all that sort of stuff, which is kinda ironic for what I’m just about to tell you, but I do find calling it a resolution a bit of a pain. I actually find it quite funny we will be posting this on the 31st January which is at the end of the month where everyone starts their resolutions

C: So how many of you actually have resolutions that you still have going?

E: Yeah let us know in the comments. Um but however let me get back to the point

C: You are rambling a little bit

E: I am rambling. Um for me this year my main goal is to ah so my main job, my real life job, I am an accountant, well finance assistant training to be an accountant, so I want to start my go back to college in September and start my AAT level 4, so that’s a goal of mine. Which sort of isn’t going to come into play until September. I mean I have applied for like an open day sorta thing. But that’s one thing and then another thing that I’ve decided to sign myself up to, via work again, is...

C: *chuckles* I forgot about this

E: …is that. Um. So I work for a community trust so we do a lot of things, fundraising and stuff, for charities, outside of work not just within our roles and we are doing the Cycle London to Amsterdam to raise awareness for prostate cancer. So although I have just said loads of people start getting fit in January because it is like a new year, new goal thing. I genuinely need to get fit and, you know, buy a bike. That would be helpful.

C:  I do really enjoy that you’ve joined up to cycle, to another country, yet you don’t own a bike.

E: Yeh I mean the reason I did it is because a) I love Amsterdam and b) I love a challenge. Like when I run a half marathon even though I’d never run more than 5k in my life sorta thing. I do like to challenge my fitness in that sort of way so for me that was a fun thing that I wanted to do so I signed up for that.Um..Moving on I always strive to make my quality of work that I give out to you guys better every year. So I think that is something I want to concentrate on more, so the quality of photography that sort of thing is something I want to do more of and spend more time on now I work closer to home and have a bit more time in my life to give to the blog. I’m trying to think if there is anymore, the issue is I don’t set resolutions so I can’t just read out a list. Now over to you

C: See I feel the same about resolutions in that I don’t like setting myself up to fail but I’m quite a big fan of a goal or like dreams, yeh like goals and achievements and stuff but not in a... *pauses* mine get a bit odd. So you say to people ‘what are your 5 year goals?’ and they’re like ‘in the next 5 years I wanna own a house, be x point in my career, possibly married or settled in a relationship maybe with kids or a family’ and my 5 year goals are more along the lines of learn how to make pottery, learn the art of rhetoric, forge my own sword, see the northern lights, I suppose that ones quite bucket list-y, finish the first draft of my book and bits and pieces like that. The biggest life goal I have is to walk all the national trails in the UK so quite a lot of my aims for this year are to sort of get me further along those sorts of things. I wanna do a pottery course at some point this year

E: I also want to learn a new skill this year which happens to be pottery

C: Yeh so we’re going to try and book that in. The aim is to walk 3 national trails this year, we’re going to do Hadrian’s Wall, the Ridgeway and the South Downs Way. And I’ll also continue with trying to get the allotment to be productive year round. That would be amazing, rather than

E: interrupts and prettier

C: and prettier apparently. Hey I put a trellis up now. Which hopefully is still standing

E: it has been quite windy

C: Ah we’ll see when I go down there tomorrow. I also think that things like ‘get fitter’ or ‘lose x amount of weight’ or ‘try and aim for this’ are, I don’t like putting numerical sort of numbers on things like that. Rather than get fitter I’d like to not be exhausted at the end of a days walking or something and rather than being x amount of weight I’d rather feel comfortable in my body then anything so, I don’t know..

E: society based?

C: Yeah. But having said that I do like the idea of well, what I have also down this year, comes from your ‘likes a challenge thing’. I’ve signed up to the #walk1000miles in a year with a bunch of people at work we’re sort of vaguely in competition. And I’ve also, accidentally, my hand slipped, signed up to #everestanywhere which is walking the height of Everest over the year. Which I figured given south downs way, hadrians wall and ridgeway that I’d have covered, but I might not. So I might be doing some hill walking towards the end of this year, to make up the metres. But I do like the idea of January being the time to look back over the last year at what you have done and look forward and say this is what I learnt and this is what I can take forward.

E: I like that and I think in society nowadays we put too much pressure within that month that we have to complete these things by the end of January and be this fabulous person for the rest of the year. Whereas I think looking at it the other way; looking back over the last year and looking forward towards the year, January is the time maybe to start setting things in motion for the coming months rather than making yourself work too hard within that first month and blowing yourself out for the rest of the year.

C: Yeah I think change takes time. One of the things that I did learn last year is that you can’t be perfect all the time and it’s ok not to be perfect all the time. And, similarly if you do make a mistake you can forgive yourself and learn from it and move on and I think quite a lot of time we get caught up in this resolution malarkey and the 30 days of veganuary or 30 days of dry january and then when you don’t hit that for any reason you automatically feel like you’ve failed. I’d rather go how about you just eat what you want when you want and not feel guilty about it and things will stop being such a big deal. Like if you don’t order pizza for like a month and then binge on pizza that’s probably worse for you than if you fancy a pizza you order a small one and that’s your sort of craving done. In my opinion. Similarly if you wanna go for a run, go for a run. If you want to curl up on your sofa and sleep all day, curl up on your sofa and sleep all day. A wise woman told me you should listen to what your body says, it’s probably trying to get you to do something.

E: Definitely

C: This pizza is really good talking of pizza

E: Shall we talk about the blog?

C: Yeah that might be important

E: So for me this year, as I said, is to get the quality up and try and just focus in on outfits and getting back to what I enjoy, like styling. So I’m going to be putting out some more styling videos maybe on instagram stories. We need to get back into instagram, we have disappeared on social media. We are back today with a really set up photo of the 2 of us which took

C: sooo long…

E: over a 1000 photos with one that was decent. That’s really pretty much it for me, I did start a page on our blog that showcases things that we’ve bought within homeware, food and clothes that we think is a good purchase. Or even things that we want that sound amazing that we want to share. Like a wishlist but sustainable. What about you, what are your plans on the blog?

C: Um I am going to take a crack at making some more recipes that are actually shareable and that are out of my own head. I do cook quite a lot by myself, I’m just not very good at taking photos or writing down what I’m doing. I tend to sort of wing it, eat it and then realise that was tasty and I should have paid attention to what I was doing and taken some photos, so I’m going to endeavour to do more of that. I do want to, like I said, get the allotment productive all year round so that this time next year I can still pop down to the plot and pick up some winter veg. It will be 2 years in July since I have been down there and I’m hoping to host a party down there on it’s second birthday and have it a bit more developed down there. So more recipes, more produce from the allotment rather than just here’s a field that I’ve dug a hole in and hopefully I want to get some flowers down there as there are lots of issues around the cut flower market so if we can home grow them why shouldn’t we. I’m looking forward to the first bulbs coming up, not that I planted all of them as bulb planting is dull.

E: I think that’s it.

C: We’ve finished the pizza so we’re going to stop talking and go and find dessert

E: So yeah, we’ve got some exciting things coming up on the blog and in our personal lives. Hopefully you guys can continue to follow us along this year and hopefully we can get better at being around but with a focus on quality not quantity, so we’ll see you soon on the blog.

C: and do let us know what your 2019 thoughts, resolutions, goals are. Right. Dessert time.

recipe link: Kale pesto pizza by the almond eater