Beauty: Ethical, Sustainable, plastic-free

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while but more increasingly recently as I’ve been getting into doing my make up. 


I read something recently that really hit home regarding make up. It went something along the lines of ‘Make up sinks in so anything you put into your skin will leak into your skin and do you really want harsh chemicals or do you even know what your make up contains?’ And thinking about I don’t really know what chemicals I’m even putting on my face which is just crazy!

In the past I’ve looked into sustainable and Ethical skincare and made some great changes which also helped my skin a lot. But now I want to make changes within my make up collection, so as my makeup begins to run out I’ll be making some swaps. For me I want my make up to be cruelty free, which has been sourced and made sustainably and the packaging needs to be at least reduced in plastic or recyclable. Below I’ve listed what I currently use on my face and what I’m looking to switch in when the products run out. Hopefully this will help any of you who are also thinking of making some changes!


Currently using - Bourjois gel foundation  

Swap to - Zao Silk foundation

Setting Powder

Currently using -  Bourjois Poudre Illuminatrice universelle

Swap to -  RMS Beauty “un” powder


Currently using - Fenty Bronzing stick

Swap to -  Zao Mineral Cooked Powder


Currently using -  Maybelline Fit Me Concealers light and dark

Swap to - RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up concealer in light and RMS Beauty Contour Bronze


Currently using - W3ll People Multi-use cream blush (YAY already using a great brand for my blush and I love it)


Currently using - Urban Decay Naked Palette

Swap to - So I need a bit of help with this one. A few brands do have eyeshadows in single and you can buy them plus a palette to create your own like Zao, however that seems to be working out quite expensive so if you know any great sustainable/ethical make up palettes send them my way!


Currently using -  Bourjois Volume Reveal

Swap to -  Body Shop Lash Hero Fibre Extension


Currently using -  Bourjois pencil

Swap to -  Body Shop Duo Eye definer


Currently using - Mac

Swap to -  Inika Vegan Lipstick

Lip Gloss

Currently using -  Tanya Burr cosmetics

Swap to - Pacifica Enlightened Lip Gloss

What are your sustainable/Ethical beauty favourites?