Food Envy

I'll be perfectly honest; I've been sitting, staring at a blank page on and off for 2 days now. Wondering what the heck to write. I had planned on sharing one of the recipes I've been working on, but it's not there yet. I've got a couple of information posts lined up, but my research still has gaps. So what to do? I turned to Instagram for some inspiration, and as I was scrolling it hit me. What inspires me, could well inspire you. 

So what I have done is linked my favourite Instagram profiles below for your perusal and enjoyment. It's a good mix of food, allotmenting, gardening and lifestyle that I hope will inspire you just as much as they inspire me.

Peas, love & cider,



what am I eating this week?

beetroot, blackberries, cheese, chard, carrots, corn...

sweetcorn fritters

Blackberry, mint and elderflower fool