My Summer 10x10 Experience

10 days feels like an awful long time but at the same time it's gone so fast! And how unexpected can 10 days be?! It's safe to say from this opening that I didn't particularly stick my 10 pieces over the 10 days but I do feel like I learnt a few things so I thought I'd share them with you below...


So it all started off great, first day I wore my black mini dress with my tan slides and accessorized with some simple jewellery. Day 2 went ok-ish - I wore my little tank top with the shorts I wasn't going 'out out' anymore, plans had changed and I didn't want to wear my tan slides with this outfit so I chucked on my espadrille wedges which looked so good with my little straw bag. This was one of my favourite outfits of the 10 days. Shoes were definitely one of my biggest downfall for the 10x10 challenge. I love shoes and I think they can completely change an outfit, much like a bag or a scarf or some jewellery. So whilst I do mainly wear my tan slides, there was a couple of occasions where they just didn't work. Which takes me to day 3, it rained, I knew it was going to, but I didn't realise quite how much it was going to rain. It was definitely NOT sliders weather so I chucked on my trusty trainers for dog training on the sunday. An all white outfit whilst dog training in wet and muddy weather was never going to end well. My trousers were well and truly covered in muddy paw prints by the end of the day! And being the lazy washer I am, I didn't wash them before I needed them again so they became out of the picture for future outfits over the rest of the 10 days.

So day 4 and 5 not pictured here, but they were pretty dreadful challenge days too! On the Monday I was had that horrible monday feeling, it was raining, I actually felt cold for the first time in forever and I was just not in the mood for wearing a dress or any other piece in my 10x10 so I opted for my floral jumpsuit - one of my go to pieces that always makes me feel good and some trainers. TOTAL FAIL! But I did learn something from this day - I am such a mood dresser and yes I have minimised my wardrobe a lot of the year or so, I still like to pick out an outfit on the day depending on my mood so picking 10 pieces to wear over 10 days was a lot harder than I thought it would be! The next day was better-ish, I wore the crop top again, which is such an easy piece to wear with everything! I wanted to wear my white trousers, but they still had muddy paw prints on them and it was too cold for skirts or shorts so I opted for my favourite denim jeans and my slides. 

I got my mojo back on day 6 with a fully proper 10x10 outfit - white tee, shorts and slides. Again one of my favourite outfits, those shorts really are the best in the heat and I love the mix of white/neutral colours. Then I fell short again on day 7 (these 10 days really were a roller coaster of outfit decisions) mainly because I had included a dress which I meant to wear on the night out that never happened so it was particularly work appropriate so I went my beige linen dress instead with my tan slides. Friday, day 8, I wore exactly the same outfit as day 1 because its easy and works and it was so so hot! Then the last two days were total write offs as I had the most chilled weekend and wore chill clothes all of Saturday, the only time I properly got dressed was when we went to the market on sunday where I wore my crop top again but with denim shorts and my slides.

2018-08-02 14_02_42.892.JPG

It was fun regardless of the fact that I totally failed it! I have definitely learnt a few things about the way I get dressed every  morning and two things I have realised are that 1) I see shoes as another accessories and 2) I am a massive mood dresser and not great at pre planning my outfits!

If you took part in the challenge, how did you guys do? Let me know in the comments below.