Heatwave Appropriate


Yes I am talking about the weather again, but I'm English what else am I supposed to talk about?! It has been soooooo hot in London recently and I am certainly not complaining, but I have had to adjust my wardrobe to accommodate for it. Cute little tops, lots of linen and mini dresses are my go to in this heat. This outfit is the perfect combination of easy breezy summer meets city life. Most of my week is spent at work in an office in London, I am fortunate enough to have a relaxed workwear rule, so this is something I would and have actually worn to work. Trainers are my go to any time of year when I have a lot to do and need to get to places, I love walking and would choose that over any transport, so a comfy pair of trainers are a must! This bag has not been put to rest since the sun has come out, I love how it looks with everything from cute summer dresses like this to a simple jeans and tshirt look. It's the perfect mix of summery city life as its fits everything and the kitchen sink in but the rope ties give it that easy breazy look. 

What are your go to outfits when the weather hots up? Let me know in the comments below