Summer 10x10 Challenge

It's that time of year again, a new season is well under way and it only means one thing - the 10x10 challenge is about to begin. If you have not heard of the 10x10 challenge before, it is run by the lovely ladies Lee from Style Bee and Caroline from Unfancy and is a fun challenge to see if you can wear only 10 items from your wardrobe across 10 days. Finally I am actually partaking in this challenge properly after missing it/ giving up in the past as I put too much pressure on myself. This time round I want to have fun with it. Below I'm sharing with you my pieces for the 10x10 plus the reason behind including each of them.

So deciding what to include, what to pick and what not to. For a more in depth break down, click the link here to Lee's blog where she has a whole page dedicated to it!

Thankfully the next 10 days are pretty chilled with no major events happening, I'll be going to work, and out at the weekend so a typical week for me. One major factor that has influenced these 10 pieces is the heat. It's hot hot hot here in the South East of England so my main focus when getting dressed at the minute is what will keep me cool and not make me a sweaty mess, hence the light colours with minimal fuss! The white mini dress is perfect day to night piece, as I can wear it with slides for the day and heels for an evening out with the girls - which exactly what I'll be doing on Saturday! I know I'll only be wearing my heels on one night of the 10 days but that doesn't really bother me because I have basically been wearing these tan slides every day of summer so far anyway! Like I said earlier, a lot of my pieces are white or light in colour to hopefully keep me cool, but I have chucked in my favourite jumpsuit as it is meant to be a bit cooler on Friday.

**UPDATE** I've just had a look at tomorrow (Friday 27th) forecast and what I thought was going to be a cooler day, is actually still hitting 30 degrees so I've swapped out my black floral jumpsuit for my black linen dress instead to keep me cool!

1. White tee 2. Linen blouse 3. Crochet top 4. White mini dress 5. Black linen dress 6. White denim skirt 7. Beige shorts 8. White trousers 9. Nude heels 10. Tan slides

So those are my 10 pieces that I will be styling over the next 10 days as the 'rules' of the challenge state hats, bags, scarves, necklaces, gloves, jewellery are not included so I can use all of these to make each outfit unique! After the 10 days I will do a blog post sharing with you all the outfits and a mini review as to whether I picked the right pieces! Good luck if you're joining me too and be sure to use the hashtags #Summer10x10 and #sustainablestyle so I can check your looks out over on instagram too!