More then just a Wedding Guest Dress


We are well and truly in wedding season and I know many of you will be thinking of what to wear. I'm not quite at the age where all my friends are getting married, however I do have one close family friend who is getting married today in fact (Happy Wedding Day Bex and Steve, much love) and this outfit is what I am actually wearing at this very moment! 


Today I wanted to discuss how to dress more consciously for a wedding and show that if you do decide to buy a new dress for the wedding that it doesn't have to just be worn for that one special day. I went through about 3 or 4 dresses that were potentials to wear for Bex's wedding, all new sustainable pieces from Reformation or People Tree, but I eventually ended up not buying a new dress due to budget and had a shop through my own wardrobe instead! I realised that this dress that I have recently fallen back in love with is perfect to dress up for a summer wedding. You can see my previous blogpost here, where I am wearing it for every day and today I wanted to share with you how I've dressed it for a wedding/occasion style. 

It's a super minimal dress which is the opposite from what I originally wanted to wear - in my head I was think bright and floral like this cute dress from People Tree or this one from Reformation. These are both also great pieces that can be dressed up or down but at the end of the day I am such a minimal dresser this option was for the best. I knew I wanted to wear my espadrille wedges because I think they just scream summer wedding shoe, plus wedges are super comfortable and I knew I'd be wearing them all day so needed something I actually walk in! Keeping to the vibe of summer country wedding style I went for my mini straw bag and some minimal jewellery to finish off the look. 

So if you are heading to a wedding this year or maybe in the future, take a chance to 'shop' your wardrobe and reinvent some pieces before heading to the shops to buy a new piece regardless of whether its sustainable or not!