How do you live sustainably with a puppy?!


That is a question I asked myself a lot when looking into bringing a puppy into our lives. Without a doubt Ralph is one of the best decisions I have made this year and he has brought so much joy into my life and others! However, he poops and eats and needs toys etc, and how am I meant to do all of that sustainably and with minimum waste?! Well, although at first I thought this was near impossible but the more I looked into zero waste and sustainability, I discovered that in fact it is quite possible. I'm definitely not there yet, but each step I take is in the right direction and hopefully one day both me and Ralph can be plastic free and sustainable! Today I wanted to share what changes I've made already! 

1. Dog Food - We've recently changed his food to raw food by Natural instinct, this comes in plastic tubs and paper cover which both can be recycled. I mix this with some kibble, at the moment his kibble comes in a plastic bag but I'm looking to buy a huge paper bag version which will help minimise waste.

2. Treats - Before we used to buy his treats and they always come in plastic bags, recently i made a batch of Honestly Healthy dog treats which he loved but they are quite crumbly so I need to work on that. I also discovered these treats which come in a cardboard tube if you don't have time to make your own.

3. Food bowls - we've always used stainless steal food and water bowls, its better for him and I know they will last a long time. Easy peasy.

4. Toys - when looking to buy any toys for him I've tried to make sure they are not wrapped in single use plastic which the majority of them haven't been thankfully! However, a lot of his toys are made from plastic which isn't great but he hasn't completely destroyed any of his toys yet which is good, so I'm hoping they will all last a long time! If I do need to purchase any new toys for him in the future, I've found this website here which lists 10 eco friendly dog toys!

5. Poo Bags - I was kindly given some poo bags when we bought Ralph home, but since using those I purchased these decomposable poo bags which is a step in the right direction. I also recently discovered that you can get a dog waste composter that can be dug into your back garden and all the poop goes into there, so if i used old newspaper etc to pick the poo up I could just drop it in there and it will help the earth!  

I'm sure I will be finding more and more plastic free changes to make for Ralph in the next few months so I'll be doing an update for you in the near future!