Dress and Trainers kinda girl


Personal style is something I think a lot of people including myself are always grasping at but are never quite sure they've ever even found it. I  know that I have always struggled, wondering what my style is and what with all the inspiration from other bloggers on Instagram nowadays it can be hard to know if your personal style is actually personal style or if you're just imitating someone else's wardrobe. I've found since delving into the sustainable fashion world too, there is pressure to love everything you buy for the rest of your life, when in some cases the reality is that you may love something and think it is a long term purchase and you just get it wrong sometimes. I have definitely done this before and have felt so guilty, preaching about buying less and better and making your clothes last longer when sometimes you just don't love it the way you thought you would no matter how long you took to make that decision.


I thought I'd share this with you today because I came to the realisation recently that it's OK to get it wrong sometimes, life is a journey after all. And yes I am making my wardrobe more sustainable and love a lot of my pieces, some I've had for years and some I've had for days and thats OK. Personal style changes with you as your life changes, so not being sure what your style is specifically is not a bad thing and if you want to explore with your clothes and fashion I think it's good to still do that. I think the main point is to just wear things that make you happy and if that changes in a years time that's totally OK as long as you pass on the unwanted items to a new home or recycle them!

I've had these trainers for a few years now, I actually got them second hand on eBay and they have kept in fairly good condition for such a long time! A pair of white trainers is essential in my wardrobe and I literally wear them with everything. This dress is a slightly newer addition to my wardrobe, which I equally love, it looks as good with trainers as it does with boots or heels or sandals which makes it a pretty perfect all rounder dress!

Sorry if this post has been a lot of me rambling on about personal style and conscious buying but its such an interesting topic that I will definitely be touching on again in the future. If you have any thoughts on the topic then please let me know in the comments below.