Seasonal Picnic Food

Sprawled on a blanket in a sunbaked park on lazy hazy days, surrounded by friends and family, drinks flowing and an abundance of food laid out before you. Quintessential Summer. 


But what food is it? Have your picnicking dreams ever screamed to a halt because you don't quite know what's best at this time of year that would make for a good spread? Worry not, check below for a suggested picnic menu, to have the picnic of your dreams. And if you want to picnic and take part in #plasticfreejuly check out Elea's post a few days ago on tips for a plastic free picnic. 

Suggested menus


vegan friendly 

Falafel balls & Baba Ganoush

Carrot sticks & hummus

Lentil Tabbouleh

Pita breads (recipe here to cut out the plastic!)

Selection of fruit (cherries are in season right now, eat them!)





veggie friendly

Radishes, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks & aioli dip

Broad Bean, roasted beetroot and soft cheese salad

Rustic loaf & your favourite Cheese 

Selection of fruit (raspberries are also in season right now, eat them too!)








a meatier crowd


Hard-boiled eggs, mini sausages & mustard mayo dip

Cucumber sticks & hummus

A classic Caesar salad

Baguette & a soft cheese or a cheddar

Selection of cooked meats

Selection of fruit (and blueberries are also in season right now, aren't we spoilt for berries!)





a brief note on picnics

The word picnic comes from the french 'Pique-nique' first mentioned in a 1692 edition of Origines de la Langue Françoise de Ménage  and appears to mean 'picking' + random word that rhymes with pique...

Anyhow, turns out the French and then the English had begun a tradition of social events where everyone invited had to turn up with a dish. Then gradually other time these became alfresco affairs and the word definition moved to mean a gathering to eat food outdoors. It's rather a shame we've lost the 'everyone bring a dish' aspect, so maybe when you're looking at the menus above for your next foray into picnicking you can ask your friends to each bring a dish from the menu. If they protest at least you can claim you were just trying to be historically accurate!


Peas, love & cider





what am i eating this week?

peas, more peas, broad beans, radishes, broccoli, courgettes, cherries