Tips for a Plastic Free Picnic


The sun is shining, cute summer dresses are out in full force and the parks of London are calling. We really do have some of the best parks in the world right on our doorstep, so why ruin them with a plastic filled picnic?! Pre-made salads in plastic containers, bread wrapped in plastic and cured meats covered in plastic sound like your usual picnic fare? Well with a bit of thought and planning it can be so easy to have a plastic free picnic, below are my top tips for you all. Now get picnic-ing while the weather lasts!

1. PLAN AHEAD - This may sound like an obvious one, but it is so true! With just a little planning you can easily have a plastic free picnic! Put a date in the diary when you're gonna have the picnic or if its last minute, make a list of things you need to make it plastic free. Decide what you want to eat and, where you can, make it yourself (picnic food post coming your way Sunday).

2. CUTLERY - Why bother buying throw away cutlery when you have perfectly good ones in your kitchen draws at home. Wrap them in a towel or pop them in a little pouch and pack them in your picnic bag. Same goes for plates, once a paper plate has grease on it, its impossible to recycle, it will either have to go in the bin or composted. Instead bring some plates with you, or you could even just use your tupperware lids as plates! 

3.BRINGING THE FOOD - Use paper bags for snack bits or use old jam/kilner jars to put your salad in. Not only does mean its less likely to leak, it also looks super cute in photos!

4. LEAVE ONLY MEMORIES - If you do end up using any plastic or single use waste, make sure you pack it away and take it with you. There is nothing worse then wondering around a beautiful park and seeing lots of rubbish littered all over the floor.

Let the picnic season commence.