From Plot to Plate: Radishes


Growing radishes

Radishes are super easy to grow, they germinate well regardless of the weather, grow in most places and are pretty quick from seed to plate. I found a pack of seeds hanging about in my shed and chucked them in between my cabbage rows and low and behold a few weeks later I was pulling lovely round radish from the ground. Do make sure you thin them though to ensure a good crop. If you've got a spare bit of plot, or an empty pot go and buy yourself a pack of radish seeds now, it's worth it.

Eating radishes 

You can eat both the root and the leaves of a radish, a bit like beetroot, and you can eat them raw and cooked. They are also fantastic pickled, which once I can get my head around pickling I will give it a go! Mostly when I see radish recipes they are thinly sliced through a salad or on top a sandwich, the bright pink outer and white middle give a great punch of colour and aesthetic. But when I pulled a bunch from my allotment the other week I really didn't fancy a sandwich, so instead I roasted them with some garlic & cherry tomatoes and rice. Roasted or sauteed radishes loose some of their pinkness but gain this great soft creamy texture that is just, well, rad. 


Radish, tomato and garlic rice bake

bunch of radishes 

bulb of fresh garlic

handfull of cherry tomatoes

enough rice to feed however many you're feeding

water (1.5 cups of water to 1 cup of rice)

a good amount of salt 

dash of paprika

  1. turn oven to gas mark 6(200'C)
  2. remove leaves from radishes & slice roots in half
  3. toss radishes, cherry tomatoes and garlic in olive oil and salt and place in a roasting tray
  4. put in oven for 10 minutes or so to start to cook
  5. measure out rice and enough water to cover
  6. add rice, water and some paprika to the roasting tray and return to oven
  7. check, taste and turn occasionally to stop rice from sticking to the tray. add more seasoning if needed.
  8. serve warm & enjoy
Waiting for the food to cook like...

Waiting for the food to cook like...


knowing Radishes

Night of the Radishes is a tradition in Oaxaca, Mexico which happens every year on 23rd December and is a display of carved vegetables usually depicting the nativity or other Mexican folklore. The radishes are especially grown for the event and the displays usually stay up through Christmas turning what was originally a ploy to entice in customers to a 3 day festival. Just think, mini baby radish Jesus.   


Peas, love & cider,