Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Some guy called Michael Pollan said this. I could google who he is and regale you with his history, credentials etc. but I think that might detract from just how right these 3 sentences are. It’s like he cracked the code to eating well. But if you’re like our dad, who said ‘well I agree with the first part’, then I’m hoping we can help each other out.


Introductions first. Hi. My name is Charlotte, and welcome to the food side of this blog. I am Elea’s older sister, a massive foodie and am sure you can find more about me in the About Me section. Going forward I will be providing you with your weekly dose of food related sustainability.


Eating is an essential part of life and as I’ve got older (at the grand old age of 26!)  I have begun to realise that what and how we eat is so much more than whatever we feel like spooning into our mouths (although I'll never dismiss jelly and ice cream for breakfast). Like with all things there is a myriad of things to consider.

  • What am I eating? (sounds really straightforward but do you know what is in your favourite meal/ snack/ drink)

  • Is it good for me?

  • Where does it come from?

  • What’s with all this packaging?

And then you start asking these questions

  • It’s december, where were these fresh strawberries grown?

  • What are the air miles on these?

  • Why does everything come in plastic bags, it’s rice for the gods sake?

  • What is this list of chemicals on this packet?

  • When these eggs say organic, does that mean the chickens are still caged? (unless it says ‘free range’ probably)

  • What does organic mean? And fairtrade? And free range? And all these other things?

  • Did the farmer get a fair deal in this?

  • What the actual F are washing up sponges made from?


Which I hope is why and how you’ve ended up here. (although it’s probs mostly through the clothes thing).


Over the coming weeks, months, etc. I’m hoping you’ll join me in my trials and tribulations as I turn my kitchen (single use) plastic free; continue on my quest to eat locally and seasonally; and carry on with my journey into allotmenting. I’ll be sharing with you the things I’ve learnt, putting forward things we can learn together and hoping you’ll share with me things we can learn from you. It’ll be an adventure.


In the words of a great musician I once met; Peace, love & cider



What am I eating this week?

Asparagus; Jersey Royals; Strawberries; Broad beans; Spring Onions; Spinach; Rhubarb

Asparagus and Garden Pea Risotto

Buttered Jersey Royals

To see what else is in season in June this is a great website: Eat the Seasons