Linen and Other Sustainable Materials

You may have noticed in my capsule wardrobe section of the blog, a lot of the pieces in my summer wardrobe are linen. That is no coincidence because linen is such an amazing material and I wanted to tell you why and share some of my favourite linen pieces as well as some other sustainable materials that are equally amazing!


So many people associate linen to summer as it's perfect to wear when its hot as it doesn't stick to you like other materials. Linen is probably one of the most sustainable materials out there right from the start. Coming from a plant, linen requires much less energy then other plants and fabrics. Throughout it's wear, its less likely to bobble meaning it will last much longer and even when it does get a bit raggedy most linens are compostable so won't end up sitting in a land fill for years to come! Now that is a seriously impressive fabric, hence why I have so many pieces in my wardrobe made out of it!

Speaking of clothes, I wanted to talk through some of my favourite linen pieces and where you can get yourself some. First up the linen shirt, an absolute classic which I think everyone should have. Easy to wear with anything from jeans to flung of your bikini at a beach on your hols. I love my plain white one I have no but I also love the striped version I've popped below and am very tempted to add it to the collection! Next up summer dresses...I have a linen dress in black, white and beige, which is a testament to how much I love a linen dress. When the weather is ridiculously hot, nothing is better then chucking on a linen dress. Reformation do some really beautiful ones, unfortunately all of mine are from the high street, but as soon as they have basically disintegrated (because I know I will wear all of them for many years to come) I will definitely be investing in some from Reformation. There are also loads of great linen shops in and around London that I have been loving recently and have picked out a few of my favourite pieces from each below.

Finally, I also just wanted to mention a few other sustainable materials to keep an eye out for. Especially if you are still shopping high street but are taking steps to making your wardrobe more sustainable, checking the labels to see what clothes are actually made of is a great first step. Other sustainable materials include: tencel, organic cotton, hemp, viscose, recycled polyester.

Maybe next time you go shopping check the labels of the items you pick out to see what they are made of. If it includes anything 'poly' it usually isn't very good for the environment!