Starter kit to Help Deplastify your Life

Following on from Thursday's post I wanted to share with you some bits that might come in handy if you also decide to go plastic free!



Reusable Water Bottle - I never drink enough water and sometimes your out for the day and are really thirsty so pop into a shop to pick up a bottle of water - a plastic bottle. Instead, buy a reusable one like this one from Stay Sixty. I specifically like this one because you can unscrew the bottom section of the bottle to give it a proper good clean, whereas other ones I always struggle to make sure it is properly clean.

Reusable Beeswax Wraps - Can you see a theme here with reusable products? Yeah me too and I had never heard of these before looking into to using less plastic! But they are so cool and everyone should have them in their lives. My plan is to take them with my when shopping and if I buy meet from the butchers etc I'll ask them to wrap it in these instead. I think it will definitely be easier to do at independent stores rather then larger stores but that just means I'll be helping the small businesses which is never a bad thing!

Paper Food Bags - I think these will definitely be handy to have incase you're using all your beeswax wraps and need to wrap up a sandwich for lunch or something. I just think they are so much better than plastic sandwich bags!

Reusable Coffee Cup - If like me you sometimes like getting a fancy cuppa coffee whilst out or love the seasonal drinks that come around each season but don't want a coffee cup that isn't recyclable because of the layer of plastic over the paper, then get yourself a reusable coffee cup, the one I've linked is also super cute so win win!

Metal Straws - I went out for a few cocktails the other night. Every cocktail I was given, I had two plastic straws, then afters went for some food...MacDonalds and I got a meal deal with a drink and oh yeah another straw! It's crazy how many plastic straws are being used! So I'm going to be buying these straws and popping one in my bag for future use!