Seasonal Eating: Winter


Cold, dark, wet.

All of these things are, to me, excuses to stay inside, fire up your oven and get cooking. Invite some friends round, create hot steaming food and drink and toast to good health, curl up on the sofa for a movie marathon with a plethora of homemade (cheesy) snacks, bake a stack of your favourite biscuit and eat them fresh of the baking tray as they cool with a cup of tea and a good book. Winter can be many things but lean on the food front it is not. Tis the season for feasting and so here are the foodie things (and more) I’m looking forward to until the spring.



Turkey, Christmas dinner (all of the 6 or 7 you end up eating in the run up to the main affair), goose, cranberries - cranberry sauce, bread sauce, brussel sprouts - with bacon, or chorizo, or onions, or braised with balsamic vinegar, christmas drinks, stuffed squash, nut roast, roasted chestnuts, walnuts, why do we eat so many nuts at christmas, wrapping presents, decorating the house, choosing your tree, naming your tree (is this just us?!), cheese, that carefully cultivated cheese board that I will spend hours crafting, crackers, really bad christmas jumpers, leftover turkey risotto, or curry, honey glazed ham, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, stuffing, leftover sandwiches, shortbread and tea.



Fireworks, midnight, opening the back door to let the old year out and the front door to let the new year in and freezing everyone inside as you do so, first meal of a new year, family traditions, hopefully not nursing a hangover, neeps & tatties, a dram of whisky, convincing your friends and family to listen to you recite ode to a haggis, haggis, kale, stews, broths, leeks, cock-a-leekie, allotment planning, goal setting, game, pie, game pie, snow, beetroot, getting inventive with soup, snowball fights, introducing the dog to the snow



Rhubarb, harvesting something for the first time in the new year, planting all the seeds, probably just before they get snowed on, Galentine’s day - and therefore breakfast food, reduced price chocolate ;), purple sprouting broccoli, getting even more creative with soup and pie fillings, getting side-tracked by fancy dessert recipes, long walks in the meadow, more snow, trying to make a snowman, realising there is not enough snow, making a snowdog, winter salads with oranges

What are you most looking forward to?

Peas, love & cider,