Struggling with Style


I feel like I am in a continual loop of not really knowing what my style is and the way I dress. Sometimes I think I wanna be out there and cool, sometimes I love all black and chic and other days I love the Kim K streetwear style. Which means it can be difficult to piece together an outfit that I love. I’ve spoken about this so many times before on here, but at the moment it is really grating on me. As I try and hone down my wardrobe to a select few items I love I’m finding it more difficult then ever and I’m constantly umming and ahing over what to keep, what to get rid of and what to add. That’s the main reason there haven’t been many outfit posts over recent months as I have consistently been throwing on a jumper or hoodie, jeans and then boots. Which is all great and there is nothing wrong with wearing an outfit like that. But I don’t feel very me and feel great in it, which is a problem.

I started this journey with trying out the capsule wardrobe. Which I think is an amazing idea and has really helped me look at clothing in a different way, I no longer have monthly orders from online fast fashion stores and instead I purchase things less often and usually either from a second hand or sustainable shop. However, I currently feel confined and stuck with using the capsule wardrobe criteria and I think this is one of the reasons why I’m struggling to love my clothes and my wardrobe as I am constantly look to find that perfect ensemble of pieces that all work harmoniously together. But we all know there is no such thing as perfection. So going forward I want to take on what I have learned from my journey with a capsule wardrobe but develop further without its constraints. Another problem I have found myself having with my current wardrobe is the lack of basics. Sometimes it is easy to look over these necessary pieces for more fun items to add to your wardrobe which I have definitely done in the past. But now I really want to build a strong foundation of clothes that are chic, effortless and trans-seasonal and will be sharing this with you all. For me a good wardrobe is a mixture of the perfect basics with some trend or patterned pieces mixed in which speak my personal style.

I wanted to write this post as I want to keep this space as an open book and share the highs and lows of the progress towards a more sustainable self. I do want to get back to regular posting and sharing but I am also struggling to love my wardrobe or sharing any decent outfits for you guys! So please bare with me as I get my act together and hopefully I’ll get some good outfits together again once I properly sort out my wardrobe! Which I feel like is a never ending task and I don’t want to rush buy anything in this state of mind that won’t be a long term investment piece for my wardrobe.

How do you guys cope with a style rut, please let me know in the comments below!