Winter 10x10 Challenge

I am a bit behind, the winter 10x10 challenge started on 19th Jan and finishes in 2 days, but I have seen them before as I follow the lovely Caroline Joy from Unfancy and Lee Vosburgh from Style Bee who are huge inspirations for me and make capsule wardrobe and have always wanted to give a 10x10 a go. I was going to have this blog post up last week in preparation so I could do a before/picking out my 10 pieces and the rules etc and then a post 10 days later to show the outfits I created and what I learnt from the experience. However I got the flu so I am now behind schedule and will be doing this but all a week later then planned!


My 10x10 challenge will start tomorrow and if you want to follow along I will be sharing my 10 pieces on my instagram tomorrow morning and there will be a daily outfit picture too. Then we’ll get down to the good bits in Sunday 4th Februarys video (omg how will it be February already?!) and talk through how I thought it went and all that jazz.

SO today I thought it would be best, especially if any of you haven't heard of the 10x10 challenge before, to share all the 'rules' (I use that term lightly), what to include and what not and also the links to Caroline and Lee's blogs because they are both amazing and if you haven't heard of them before, you seriously need to check them out!

The Basic 'Rules'

1. You can pick any 10 items from your wardrobe to wear

2. Create 10 different outfits using the items over 10 days

Super easy and simple to follow which I love, and it will be a good chance to really see what is and isn't working for you in your wardrobe (well that's my aim anyway).


Tops | Bottoms | Dresses | Shoes

Don't Include:

Accessories | PJs | Gym clothes

Planning beforehand:

Just a few things, which I shall be doing tonight, is to have a little look at the weather and your diary to make sure that you pick the appropriate clothing! There's no point picking out heels and summer dresses if it's going to rain all week and you have no need to wear heels!


I hoping some of you who haven't heard of the 10x10 challenge will join me tomorrow to have a little fun. And if any of you started the 10x10 on time unlike me, please let me know in the comments below how you've found it so far!

P.S here are the links to the wonder Caroline and Lee's blog who are total capsule wardrobe guru's and super cool so make sure you check them out!


Style Bee