The Big Ol' January Detox

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blog this month, I was hit hard by the flu and was pretty much out of action for the past 2 weeks, so I am a bit behind schedule, but it's better later than never to do a January detox I say!


And when I mean detox, I mean clearing out my wardrobe of anything I haven't worn so far so probably won't wear going forward this winter. Clearing out all the things that are weighing down my wardrobe as I start to feel that horrible I have nothing to wear feeling, why can't it be summer already! My winter uniform is the basic jeans, jumper and boots combination and after wearing it so many times, I tend to feel tired with my look and get a bit into a rut. I am sure all of us feel that way! 

So today I thought I'd talk through some tips on how to declutter your winter wardrobe and put some life back into, because believe it or not it's not summer for a while yet!

1. Do you ever feel that because you love a certain style or colour you buy multiple of the same or a different item of clothing that is slightly different but basically the same. You justify it by saying that if you have something similar that you wear all the time then surely owning more than one of it would be good. But in reality it's just clogging up your wardrobe with more 'stuff' then is necessary. So dig through your wardrobe and pick out any pieces that are similar and choose just one. Also you may have one item that is looking a little worse for wear because you loved it so much, maybe it's time to replace that too.


2. Ask yourself if the pieces in your wardrobe are versatile. All the pieces in your wardrobe should be able to work in at least three ways with other existing items in your wardrobe. If a certain piece doesn't then maybe it's time for it to go as it clearly no longer works for your style.

3. Use the one in one out rule. I have not been following this rule recently, especially over Christmas, but I think it's an important one to help keep your wardrobe at a manageable size. I want to try and stick to this rule a bit more this year, so everytime I decide I want to add something new to my wardrobe, I'll do a mini clear out to decide what is and isn't working for me any more.

4. Try not to hold too much sentimentality to clothes, as at the end of the day they are just inanimate objects. If you haven't worn a piece in your wardrobe for the last few months and don't feel that same great feeling putting it on as you did when you bought then it is probably time to get rid. Also, as I get older I am becoming a creature of comfort and would much prefer a pair of trainers over a pair of heels any day. You are much more likely to wear something if it is more comfortable then painful, so sort through any pieces that are uncomfortable as you probably only have because they look good. But they only ever look good sitting in your wardrobe all the time and whats the point in that!

5. Finally, don't forget to get rid of your clothes that you no longer want in a sustainable way! If the pieces are still in good nick then put them on ebay or Depop and make some money (which I am sure all of us are in need of in January, pls let it be payday already) and if the pieces are a little worse for wear then recycle them.