Should We all be washing our clothes less?

Today I wanted to discuss what how to continue reducing the waste that clothes create even after you've bought them. Its easy to forget after you've bought a piece of clothing, it still continues to create a carbon footprint whilst sitting in your wardrobe, in fact 25% of fashions carbon footprint comes from us washing the clothes we already have. So today I thought I'd discuss how washing your clothes less can not only decrease your carbon footprint but also make your clothes last longer.


We are consuming more fast fashion then ever before and over 80% of it ends up in landfills. More fast fashion clothing is getting thrown away every year because we over wash our clothes which means they won't last as long. Below I've written some top tips for washing your clothes in a more sustainable way, and if that means you have one less house chore to do every week then I'm totally on board!

If you've worn an item of clothing and think it needs a freshen up but isn't really that dirty then instead of chucking it in the wash, soak it in a bucket or in the bath to partially clean it. That way you can get a few more wears out of it without starting to smell!

Did you know that wool retains a small amount of natural oil which resist dirt and grease so things like woolly jumpers don't have to be washed as often. Also, the less you wash knitwear the longer it will last, as it tends to misshape and bobble the more you wash knitwear, so giving it a soak if you think it needs it instead of washing it will not only be more sustainable but also make your knitwear last season after season.

Let me know if the comments below if you have sustainable tips on making your clothes last longer!

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