Wardrobe Updates and Changes

Sustainable Style

It’s been just over a month of me wearing my capsule wardrobe now and I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s working well at the moment and what’s not. So I decided to do a little review of my wardrobe and make some swaps and thought it would be good to share with you.

First up, I spoke about this a bit last week in Mondays post, but dresses are everywhere this summer and every morning all I seem to want to wear is a dress. In light of this I decided to switch out my patterned playsuit with long sleeves which I am getting no wear out of currently and instead add in this gorgeous dress which is slightly more dressy than my other pieces so perfect for summer weddings or special occasions which I definitely felt like I was missing. A friend also gave me this cute dress which is similar to my floral wrap dress, because she wasn’t wearing it and knew that I love these styles of dresses. That’s two new dresses added to my wardrobe so expect  to constantly see me in a dress for the rest of summer!

I’ve also decided to take out a top, which I’ve realised isn’t very summery and is much more of a spring or autumn piece so it’s going into storage. For now I’m not going to buy or add any new tops but if I find something that catches my eye I may add it.

Finally, I wanted to purchase some extra accessories, a new pair of slides and some jewellery. This summer I am feeling much more comfortable in flat shoes and have been basically living in my black mules so decided that it would be a good investment to pick up a similar style but in a brown/tan colour as I tend to lean towards those colours more in summer. As mentioned in Monday’s post layered jewellery is something I am loving currently, so just before I went away I picked up a couple extra pieces to play around with and I love how it looks so much.

That’s all my changes to my wardrobe recently, as I said I wanted to be as honest as possible on this journey and I didn’t expect to change parts of my wardrobe after only a month. But I am glad that I’ve made the changes and of course I’ll let you know if anything more changes.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention these photos, which were taken on holiday in Marseilles this weekend. This dress was the perfect throw on and go kind of dress for beach days. I had such an amazing time away and have lots more content coming to you soon!