A Weekend in the Sun

Today I'm sharing with you where we stayed, where we ate and all the photos I took whilst exploring the different areas. My favourite area had to be Le Panier with it's small cobbled roads that crisscross each other and the fact it felt so much quieter and more relaxed then the port. Unfortunately we didn't get to do all the things we wanted to, but I guess that just means we'll have to go back! 

The Hotel - New Hotel Saint Charles


This is 3 star hotel but is definitely better than some 4/5 star hotels I've stayed at! It was exactly what we needed for the weekend, a simple base to sleep, shower and have breakfast before heading out. There room wasn't enormous but there was enough room for all our things and a good sized bathroom. Downstairs is what I really loved about the hotel. They have an indoor garden with a glass roof which is where you eat breakfast every morning. It looked so fresh and I could have happily sat in there all day.


On Friday when we arrived, we headed to straight to the hotel, got changed then headed off to the port. Instantly you can tell from being by the port that it is such a vibrant, fun city. We (mainly me) were starving so grabbed a table outside in the sun by the port at a restaurant called La Chope D'Or. Charlotte had mussels and chips and I had aioli with fish and vegetables. It was so yummy, just thinking about makes me want to eat it again!

  After eating we set off for the beach which was about a 20-25 minute walk from the port and ended up staying there for the rest of the afternoon. 

In the evening, we strolled around the streets behind the  port and ended up in a restaurant called La Mamma which is an Italian restaurant, but one of the chefs was Spanish and hand made a Paella so I had that. This is one of the things I loved about Marseille, there is such a mixture of cultures it makes for such an interesting city! One night you could be eating something French, then the next something Morrocan, I love it!



We woke up early on Saturday as we wanted to do the boat trip in the morning which turned out to be cancelled so instead we headed to my now favourite area Le Panier. So many lovely little streets and cute shops and places to it. It was so quite when we were walking around and I could have happily have wondered round there all day. For lunch we headed back to a place near where we were staying called Le Comptoir Dugommier. It was such a cute and rustic little place with a really welcoming feel. We went in and sat down and a waiter literally carried a huge chalkboard with the days menu on and propped it up against a chair for us to read! We both went for the fish with grilled vegetables which unfortunately I don't have a photo of as we were both so hungry, we scoffed it down as soon as it arrived.

Because the boat trips ended up being completely cancelled we decided to find a sunny spot on the port and have some drinks and chill for the afternoon. We ended up at Manufactory which again had beautiful rustic interiors and very friendly staff. We ended up sitting there for hours.

For the evening we headed to Bistrot L'Horloge for dinner, I had gnocchi and Charlotte had a beef tartare. After that we headed to a Wine bar which was so cool and the guy who served us literally knew everything about wine which was amazing!



On Sunday, with slightly sore heads we decided to just spend the day at the beach, taking more photos of the areas along the way, and I also managed to find a really cute cafe called Richelieu Plage, built into the cliffs by the beach so we didn't even have to get dressed for lunch!

For our last dinner we went to an all you can eat buffet at Buffets Du Vieux Port. There was so much choice I'm pretty sure I tried a bit of everything!

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed Marseille and I would definitely go back for the food and the relaxed atmosphere. I also vlogged for the first time while I was away which you can watch below!