Seasonal Eating Guest Post

Today on the blog I'm handing over to my sister who has recently began her journey to eat more seasonally and sustainably. She has kindly agreed to write a post for my blog to share with all of you her tips on seasonal eating.

"When I turned 25 earlier this year I made a decision (partly inspired by Elea's journey into sustainable style and partly a realisation I'd spent the last quarter of a century consuming). I needed to add the word conscious in front of consumer and maybe start looking at my impact on the world. I'm a big foodie, always have been and I figured that maybe that's the best place to start.

It's no secret that what we eat has a massive impact on our environment. The amount of waste created and water used by the livestock industry is eye-watering. The air miles on the food flown in from around the world so our supermarket shelves look the same month in month out is outrageous and the food waste the average family produces is downright shameful. You could end up with a healthy dose of guilt when looking at your plate.

Eating sustainably might seem daunting at first but following the tips below will help you on your way

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  1. Eat seasonally
    Food is flown in from all over the world so we have constant access to our favourite staple fruit & veg all year round. Which is ridiculously when you can buy fresher, local and normally tastier produce when it's in season. Meat and Fish have seasons too which has a massive impact on taste and sustainability (especially for fish). Less air miles. Tastier food. Less guilt. Yes it takes some research to find out what's in season when but it's worth it. And if enough people buy only seasonal products from the supermarkets they'll create a demand...

  2. Eat more veg
    And by extension less meat...
    As a meat lover I thought this was going to be the worst. I was wrong. Eating more veg means I have widened my food horizons, saved money and been able to spend a bit more on a nice bit of meat so I can really showcase it. I've also increased the amount of fresh fish I eat buying fish that's in season and a not your standard cod or haddock has been cheaper and enlightening to my tastebuds!

  3. Eat local
    Local food supports local producers, supports local communities and reduces carbon emissions. Win win win. Check origins on food labels in supermarkets or better yet head to your local farmers market.

  4. Plan
    Eating sustainable is not necessarily a fly on your seat of your plants endeavour. It may take some awareness and planning, which fits lovely with my bullet journal habit! I tend to work out what's in season (and write lists in my journal) and then find some recipes that take my fancy. Food planning is proven to save money and increase healthy eating as added bonuses.

  5. Grow your own (if you can)
    No space is too small, from pots of herbs and chillis on a windowsill to fruit plants on balconies. I've recently just set out on my allotment journey, following in my mum's footsteps. I can tell you honestly there is no better tasting food than the stuff you've grown yourself, eating berries straight off the bush or veg on your plate that you dug up a few hours ago."

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I really hoped you enjoyed this post, it's so interesting listening to other people's views and how they live a sustainable lifestyle!