How easy is it to find a brand’s Sustainability Policy?

Sustainable Style

When I first started looking into sustainability the one thing I realised quickly was that either a brands sustainability policy was super easy to find or it was an absolute nightmare of continually clicking through to different pages until you stumble upon it. The main difference was the brands that were easy to find usually had more of a view and were actually do a lot on the sustainable front compared to those that seemed to hide it.

If you want to find out if a retailer is sustainable or what their policy on sustainability here’s a quick step by step guide:

1.        Head to their website and look for their policies. There are  usually found if you scroll to the bottom of their home page (super visible, I know). You’re looking for a title like ‘About’ or ‘Privacy and Legal’

2.        From there you can usually find a section called Sustainability, but if you’re having trouble look under the titles ‘social responsibility’ or titles around recyclingFor instance, when I go onto Uniqlo’s website and scroll to the bottom there is a button called sustainability, if you click on this it opens up a new page which shares with us the consumers the different ways they are contributing and how they are becoming more sustainable.

3.       If you can’t find it, ask! The more we ask brands about sustainability the more it becomes a consumer demand.

Below I have linked a couple brands websites with their sustainable views. These brands take pride in making a change to become more sustainable, although they are all at different stages in the journey, and we should choose to purchase from these kinds of brands rather than the ones that aren’t making a difference.

Everlane -

Next -

M&S -

Arnhem Clothing -

Uniqlo -