Sustainability in the News

When I created this blog I wanted to share my journey towards a sustainable wardrobe. Along with that I thought it would be good to share news articles that focus around sustainability and the developments that are being made in the industry.  It was really good during Fashion Revolution week to see how much exposure Sustainable Fashion got, and I’ve been keeping track of news pieces that have been really interesting reads on sustainability. Today I thought I’d share with you a couple articles and my views.

First up, is this article here by the Guardian, it’s about WWF coming together with the Nordic Fashion Week Organisation to produce a truly sustainable range of clothing. Not a likely pairing but something I am definitely interested to see the outcome of. Our first chance of seeing the collection will be at the Helsinki Fashion Week in July which I am awaiting eagerly. I think the article highlights an interesting point in stating that ‘WWF’ Finland’s involvement could make some difference, but ultimately sustainable fashion needs big-name front-runners to make it more of an industry norm.’  It’s true that many consumers choose to ignore sustainability because it’s not supported by a popular brand or seen as the cool or ‘in thing’ to do. But support and change is always a good thing and I hope that when this collection launches, it receives a lot of attention to make consumers more aware. The article also highlightsthe main problem that consumers have with sustainable fashion and that’s the price point. I’ve discussed this on the blog before, and I truly believe that sustainable clothing is worth the price tag and is probably cheaper in the long run than fast fashion as you’ll constantly be buying new things. I hope that as more brands take a more sustainable approach to fashion that it will become more accessible to consumers.

The second article I wanted to discuss is by Refinery29. During Fashion Revolution week, they created a new section on their website committed to Sustainable Fashion Articles; they interviewed lots of people in the industry and shared many brands. My favourite article was this interview they did with Livia Firth who is the founder of Eco-Age. When she talks about what she saw in the garment factory when she travelled to Bangladesh in 2008 is shocking and unimaginable, how can anyone think it’s okay for garment workers to work somewhere that ‘felt like a prison’ is just beyond me. The way she talks about how fast fashion is fuelled by impulse and relates it to the fast food industry is such an interesting read. After reading this article I felt even more inspired to continue doing what I’m doing.

What did you think of these articles? Are there any other articles that have caught your eye recently about sustainability? Please let me know if the comments below. The more we discuss this topic, the more we as consumers can understand about sustainability and how to change our habits.