Tips and must haves for a Weekend Away

My sister and I are heading off for a weekend in the sunshine in the south of France this weekend, and as we head into holiday season I thought I’d share my tips and things I can’t leave behind when travelling.

image 3.jpg
  1. 1. Plan your outfits so you know what you want to take.,bring items of clothing that are versatile so you can wear more than once.
  2. Roll don't fold! Oldie but a goodie, this always saves me so much space when packing
  3. Buy reusable mini bottles for your skincare/hair care products so you don’t have to buy mini bottles of skincare that could potentially break you out, which is not good when you’re on holiday and want to wear barely any makeup.
  4. Pack a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes and wear one pair, this gives you a lot of versatility for the weekend. I pack 1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of walking around all day sandals and 1 pair of slightly fancier sandals for evenings
  5. Share the bigger things, e.g. hair dryer and straighteners etc between the people you’re travelling with.
  6. A good read or two! I have been reading so much this year and cannot wait to chill at the beach with a good book in one hand a cocktail in the other. (we won’t get into the book vs. kindle debate…)
  7. Bring some fun accessories. I have a couple accessories like cool earrings and fun scarves that I haven’t had a chance to wear here in the UK so am definitely packing them for holidays.
  8. DON’T FORGET SUNCREAM! Such a huge essential for me, I have a separate face one too which is SPF 50. This mini body one is great for packing in your day bag too so you can top up whilst in the sun.


So, those were my tips/essentials for packing for a weekend away. Let me know in the comments below if you’re heading off somewhere nice this summer and what your essentials are when packing.