My Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2017

The day has arrived, it is finally time to reveal my Summer Capsule Wardrobe!

Below I’m going to share with you everything that is in my summer capsule wardrobe, I’ll also break it down into categories and let you know why I’ve decided to include some of the pieces. This is a big’un of a post so grab a cup of something and get comfortable!

Colour Scheme
To begin with I didn’t really think too much about a colour scheme, I was just working out what things I like and wanted to include. Looking at my capsule now I can definitely see that pink is a strong theme throughout. I really like the mix of colours in this capsule, for me it screams summer and is probably the most colours I’ve had in my wardrobe for a long time and I’m really enjoying it.


White Tee.jpg
White Crop Top.jpg
Cream Tie Sleeve Blouse.jpg
Breton Tee.jpg
Cream Knit.jpg
Grey Tee.jpg
Denim Shirt.jpg
Black Tee.jpg

I feel like I’ve kept my top selection quite minimal and easy so that I can mix and match them with all my bottoms. I also didn’t buy too many new pieces for the top section. The only new pieces were the tees from Everlane, the white crop top, the pink crop and the linen shirt. I wanted a mix of tops that I could wear to work but also at weekends. Then I decided to have a couple girly not work appropriate for nights out.


White Wide Leg Pants.jpg
Stripe Culottes.jpg
White Jeans.jpg
Khaki Shorts.jpg

I really love every single piece here, I definitely wanted to move away from jeans and introduce some different trousers/skirts. I am already obsessed with my midi skirts and I think these will become more of an essential for me as my love for them grows. I cannot wait until the weather is hotter enough to wear these amazing Khaki shorts, I was again in need of something other than denim cut offs and these Uniqlo shorts are perfect. I like the mix of pieces here and I was obviously being very realistic by adding a good amount of trousers into the mix because let’s face it, I live in the UK and the British Summer always includes rain!


White Linen Mini Dress.jpg

I have never been happier to see dress season. I think this is partly due to the fact that for a while I have been dressing more masculine and minimal and now my feminine side wants to shine through. I wanted a real good mix of styles and shapes for my dresses; I wanted each of them to be unique and fun. I am especially excited by the red dress, a bit of a last minute decision but a very good one. I had noticed how much I was being inspired by red so decided I definitely wanted to include a red dress in the collection. This one is handmade in France and is made of Viscose, it’s by a brand called Maison Cleo, and I am genuinely in love with all the pieces they create!


Of course its summer so I wanted to kept this section to a minimum and hope that I won’t have to bring out any big coats! The two jackets I went with are both ones I’ve had for a while. The Khaki jacket is from the Zara Join Life collection and can be worn as shirt but I much prefer it as a jacket. It looks amazing with white jeans too! The other one is my trusty leather jacket which is also from Zara but I actually bought it on eBay. It is the perfect throw on with anything kind of jacket and I’d probably be lost without it!


White Espadrilles.jpg
Red Shoes.jpg
Brown Sandals.jpg
Black Sandals.jpg

Shoes, oh shoes, I have always and will always be a huge of lover of shoes. I’ve said it before, but I really think a pair of shoes can completely change an outfit, and I think every pair of shoes I have included in my wardrobe do that! I am not a heels person and probably never will be, but potentially have a wedding reception to go to this summer so I have included my nude heels which I have had in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. I wanted to get a good selection of style of shoes and actually ended up only buying 1 new pair, my espadrilles, because I’m pretty happy with my shoe collection right now.


Mustard Print Scarf.jpg
Black Tote.jpg
Brown Bag.jpg
Brown Sunglasses.jpg
Metal Sunglasses.jpg

The piece I am most excited about is my basket bag from Les Fleur Vintage, I have been on the hunt for a basket bag for ages and I really love this one. It’s the perfect size and looks amazing with everything. I’m also really hoping to get as much wear as possible out of this amazing red bikini which is made out of recycled material. Again you can see the red creeping into my wardrobe in as many ways as possible!

Wow, that was a lot of information. I hope you love my capsule. Now for the fun bit where I get wear everything over the next 3 months. Of course I will keep you updated with the hole no shopping and whether or not I get that feeling of needing new clothes or not.

You can shop my wardrobe here:

White Tee, White Crop Top, White Linen Shirt, Cream Tie Sleeve Blouse, Stripe Tee, Cream knit, Grey Tee, Pink Crop Top, Pink Blouse, Denim Shirt, Navy Blouse, Black Tee

White Wide Leg Pants, Stripe Culottes, White Jeans, Mustard Stripe Wrap Skirt, Pink Midi Skirt, Khaki Shorts, Ripped Jeans, Denim Wide Leg Pants, Denim Shorts, Denim Mini Skirt

White Linen Mini Dress, Floral Wrap Dress, Stripe Linen Midi Dress, Beige Jumpsuit, Stripe Shirt Dress, Red Dress, Khaki Patterned Playsuit, Navy Shift Dress

Khaki Jacket, Black Leather Jacket

White Espadrilles, Nude Heels, Pink Loafers, Red Block Heels, Brown Sandals, Grey Vans, Black Converse, Black Sandals, Black Mules

Red Bikini, Pink Scarf, Black Swimsuit, Mustard Scarf, Black Tote, Basket Bag, Black Circular Bag, Circular Sunglasses, Brown Bag, Black Sunglasses, Metal Sunglasses, Brown Sunglasses