Capsule Wardrobe Chit Chat

Sustainable Style

I’ve been wearing my capsule wardrobe properly for almost a month now and it’s been great  to see what pieces I’ve been wearing more and the way I’ve reacted to those ‘SALE BUY NOW’ emails. We’re starting to get into peak sale season now and I’ve literally had to unsubscribe from so many fashion sites, including sustainable ones, because I am constantly getting emails about all the things I ‘need’ to buy, which can be seriously tempting!

Other than that I have been loving my wardrobe. There are definitely pieces that I’ve been wearing more than others, and I guess that comes down to what mood I’m in on the day and also largely the weather. The sun is shining at the moment so all my summer dresses and skirts are getting the most wear , whereas at the beginning of the month trousers dominated my look.

This is the case for these photos I’m sharing today we took these a little while back when the sun was still hiding and I cannot believe I haven’t shared them with you yet. I am obsessed with this outfit, it screams 70's to me and I love it. I never thought I’d ever been seen dead in a pair of trousers like these but turns out they’re one of my most loved pair already, and I’ll definitely be purchasing from Paloma Wool again they have so many amazing pieces right now!