The Cost of Sustainable Fashion

Today I'm starting with a question. Does Sustainable Fashion have to be expensive?

 I’ll start by saying, yes, slow, sustainable garments are definitely more expensive than the fast fashion that you can buy on the high street. Fast fashion clothing is fast because it is usually made by people on some of the lowest wages in the world in poor conditions. The clothes are not designed to last (and in some cases designed to not last) and made with incredibly cheap material which can be unsafe and highly polluting.

So, yes, it is more expensive. But for a good reason, several actually.

·         Sustainable fashion makes sure the garment workers are paid fairly.

·         The whole process is cleaner and more environmentally friendly with less waste

·         The clothes are normally of higher quality and made to last. When things are made to last, measure their value in years not money.

However, as with all things there is a wide price range and you need to make sure you spend within your budget. I do have a full time job, but I have only just entered the world of work meaning I really have had to budget and rethink my wardrobe A LOT. For example, I am seriously obsessed with the brand Reformation, and if possible, I would only buy clothing from them for the rest of my life. However, currently, I can only afford to purchase a couple of their items right now, so I’ve had rethink what I want in my wardrobe and look at other sustainable brands to see if they sell anything similar for a smaller price tag. I think Everlane is a good sustainable brand for mid-range price tags and good quality clothing, but again they only ship to the UK occasionally, so that too has been difficult. I have also discovered a few vintage stores which I like have a nosey round when deciding on what to include as sometimes you can find little gems in vintage shops that are similar to what you want from a brand but a lot cheaper, so that is definitely something to keep in mind when shopping sustainably, there are also loads of really good online vintage stores too now.

In the long term, I plan to invest more in high quality pieces to make up my wardrobe.I plan to save, save, save during my summer capsule wardrobe season, so that I have a bit of extra money to spend on pieces for my Autumn Capsule. My end goal is to have a completely sustainable wardrobe and I think this will definitely take time. But I’d rather spend a bit more on fewer items of clothing rather than spending less on loads of clothing that may have a greater cost to someone somewhere, and I think it fits nicely with the idea of a capsule wardrobe as I can save more money to spend on those pieces and I’ll know exactly what and who my money has been spent on and I don’t think there’s a much better feeling then that. Basically you can purchase clothing without the guilt.

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