Pretty in pink

Say hello to a new piece that I have added to my wardrobe this month. This stunning skirt from &OtherStories, I also bought the matching top but I’m saving that for a warmer day. Instead I’ve paired the skirt with this simple grey tee from Everlane, a pair of black mules and my Matt&Nat bag.

Today I wanted to discuss with you something that’s been on my mind since deciding to be a more conscious consumer, and that is whether or not I can still shop in high street stores like &OtherStories. Obviously I did some research on the brand and can see they are definitely making movements towards being a more sustainable retailer however there is still a long way to go. So, when I fell in love with the two piece I felt extremely guilty at the thought of purchasing it. Which on one hand is definitely a good thing because its shows that I am so much more aware of what goes into making an item of clothing than ever before. But on the other hand I never set out on this journey to make myself feel bad or end up wearing clothes that aren’t my style or don’t suit me. So I was stuck. I knew I really liked the two piece and thought it would work really well in my wardrobe with all the other pieces in my capsule, but wasn’t sure whether I wanted to purchase from there or not. Then I saw this on Pinterest:

The last bit ‘buy to last’ really hit home to me, so I’ve decided that this two piece will be a test for me. It is not from an ethical brand nor is it vintage or second hand, so I am buying this item of clothing to last more than just this season, I am expecting myself to bring out this two piece at every opportunity. And if that doesn’t happen or if I don’t even wear it that much during the summer then I will know that it was an impulse trend buy and I’ll learn from my mistakes. After all this is all about learning new things on this journey, I hope you guys agree with me too.