Capsule Wardrobe Update

This is going to be my final blog post regarding my capsule wardrobe before the unveiling of it in June. I have pretty much decided on everything in my wardrobe now and just have the last few pieces to purchase. So I thought I’d discuss how much my capsule has developed since the original plan and whether there have been any major changes.

At the beginning I spoke about finding it really difficult to stick to a number when building my capsule, looking back the main problem t was that I was trying to reach the number which meant I was adding more things in to the capsule then I actually wanted. Since I decided to just go with the flow and pick things that I really want in the capsule I think I’ve actually ended up with less items then I had down to begin with!

I’ve added a few different patterned pieces to my wardrobe as a bit of a challenge to make me wear more print and to see how versatile printed items in capsule wardrobes can be. They also add a great feminine dimension to my wardrobe. Recently I have tired of wearing jeans constantly so for the capsule I have limited myself to just 2 pairs and swapped out the rest for other pieces to push myself to be a bit more experimental.

What I’ve ended up with is a good set of basics mixed with some more fun, summery pieces and I genuinely feel really excited to wear every single piece.

Finally, I also mentioned making sure your capsule reflects what’s happening in the months you’re wearing it. As you know we booked a holiday to Rome so I’ve made sure I’ve got some items that are versatile and work well at home and on holiday. Other than that I’m just planning to spend as many weekends as possible wandering around the beautiful streets of London and lazing in parks with a book in one hand and Pimm’s in the other!

I cannot wait to share my final capsule wardrobe with you, and would love to see yours! Tag me in any posts @thesustainablestyleblog  on Instagram and @itselearose twitter.

I thought I'd finish with a fact from the Fashion Revolution website that I think shows importance of capsule wardrobes in grander scheme of things. You may think you're not really making a difference, but you definitely are!