Sustainable Brands I want to try

Before we get into today's post, I want to quickly apologise. There should have been a video posted on Saturday morning for you all but due to personal circumstances(life), it never got put up. So instead you not only get this post today but also a video which will go live at 5pm today so keep your eyes peeled for that!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been doing some serious researching into different sustainable brands. There are so, so many out there it is unbelievable the amount of choice there already is. It’s almost a little overwhelming. So today I thought I’d share my top 5 brands that I have found through my research that have so many pieces that I love and think fit my personal style. For each brand I have linked some of the pieces that I would like to buy for my summer capsule wardrobe.


When building a good sustainable capsule wardrobe, what better place to start then underwear. Both of these brands have the most beautifully simple pieces and that’s why I think I love them so much. They’re not too fussy and in your face and hopefully (haven’t bought any yet so can’t confirm) they are super comfy and do the job well. I think if you start with a good pair of underwear that makes you feel great then you can pretty much feel great in most things you put on over the top.


I am obsessed with the basics from Everlane. They have everything you need from t-shirts to shoes and lots of different styles to choose from too. They have your basic t-shirt but it can be round neck, v neck, looser fit and it comes in loads of different colours. Talk about versatility! They are also really transparent when it comes to cost, at the bottom of each item of clothing you can find out how much it actually cost to make the piece, which is so interesting and important. Everlane are currently shipping to the UK for this week only, I’ve just put a large order in for all my basics for my summer capsule wardrobe, if you love their pieces then this week is your week to get shopping!


This is such a cool brand. I have seen their pieces on so many different people from bloggers like ‘blah’ to celebrities like ‘blah’. They have the most beautiful selection of dresses and two pieces that would be perfect for any upcoming summer events but also more fun casual ones, perfect for a weekend in the  sunshine. I think it’s great that Reformation has been able to get sustainability into the forefront of fashion by working with celebrities and bloggers so more people are aware of sustainability.

Paloma Wool

I stumbled upon this brand via blogger Reese Blutstein. I love the pieces on here so much, they’re all so cool and the prints are so different and eye-catching. The styles of the pieces fit with my personal style so well, but what excites me the most is how different the prints are. I don’t usually wear much printed clothing other than stripes so I am super excited to purchase so of Paloma’s pieces to add a bit of variety to my wardrobe.

YSTR Clothing

I wanted to finish with a brand that is quite unique. The brand’s aim is to show consumers that they can ‘buy in sync with their values’ by creating a network, kind of like a beauty box subscription, where every month (you can subscribe for 1-6 months) you receive an ethically made capsule. I think this is such a great idea as it cuts down on the huge carbon footprint and fashion waste that is happening in the fast fashion industry and you get a couple of new pieces every month. So for those of you who feel they cannot go without shopping every month for 3 months then this a great idea for cutting back on shopping and being more sustainable. They also have all their pieces online if you’d prefer to just shop as and when you want.