Capsule wardrobes, sustainability and where do I start?!

It’s a lot to take in really; especially when you’re diving head first into a whole new fashion world, trying to shake off some of your bad habits can be difficult. Today I’m kind of getting my thoughts onto paper (the internet) and sharing with you how I’m making head and tail of sustainable fashion, capsule wardrobes and where to start.

Let’s start with sustainable fashion. As soon as you search sustainable fashion you open up a whole new world that I didn’t even know existed before. The first thing I wanted to know was what sustainable fashion really meant and what it included, I had a vague idea and my search confirmed that the clothes made sustainably need to be made with minimum impact on the planet and people who live on it. The next thing I looked up was what materials are sustainable and why. Getting your head around these two things is a really good starting point for anyone looking for basic knowledge of sustainable fashion. From there I started to build a list of brands and retailers that were specifically sustainable (more of these to come). It was great finding different brands to look at as it meant I didn’t have to lust over something from Topshop whilst not know where it’s from, who made it and what it was made of. Instead I have found loads of beautiful brands with pieces that are 100000x better than anything from any of the big high street retailers. 

So now I have some sort of idea of the brands and retailers I want to purchase any new pieces from but when it comes to capsule wardrobes, I have to be realistic. There is no point in me falling in love with a piece that I will only wear once. When I start to shop for my wardrobe I will put each piece to the test: will it go with a least 5 other pieces in my wardrobe? Will I wear it at least 30 times? Once it’s ticked those boxes, fits well and I love it completely, then I will feel completely happy purchasing it. The only thing I am doing differently to most other capsule wardrobes is not giving myself a number. As soon as I confine myself to that number I get anxious and panicky, I’ve tried it before and that’s probably why capsule wardrobes have never worked for me in the past. So instead I’m going to work from the basics up, making sure that each piece is in line with my style and that all the pieces work well together but are also unique.

So this is my starting point and I want to share some top tips when starting to create a capsule wardrobe out of sustainable clothes. Firstly, you’ll need to have a good idea of what your personal style is so that when you look into sustainable fashion brands you can decide which ones are best suited to you and your style. Secondly, it is always a learning curve, I’m learning something new about sustainability every day,it’s so interesting and thereare so many different pockets of the internet with their own interpretation of sustainability. Here are some of my favourite websites that I’ve come across so far:

The Good Trade

Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Fashion Revolution

And when it comes to capsule wardrobes my advice would be if you worry about the numbers of it all, take it out.Just work from the basics up and make sure that you think each piece is worth it, you’ll soon realise how similar the things we go for are and there is no need to have more than one of the same thing (except when it comes to basics). Also, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I highly recommend you check out Un-fancy’s worksheet to help you be a bit more realistic when it comes to what to include in your wardrobe.