There's a revolution coming...#whomademyclothes

We’re halfway through fashion revolution week and it is so amazing to see all the inspiring posts on Instagram and how much exposure it’s getting! Today I am sharing with you an outfit post and in the form of an open letter to a brand that I really love but I feel like needs to be more transparent about who made their clothes.

So let’s start with the outfit, I am wearing my beautiful Mango blouse which is made from organic cotton, a pair of really old Topshop Joni jeans, my Kurt Geiger loafers and my Matt & Nat bag.

The retailer I really want more transparency from is Mango.

So Mango,

You are a brand that I really love and you've recently bought out a sustainable clothing, I can see you are making lots of positive changes in the materials you are using to make your products but when searching online it’s difficult to find much information about where exactly the materials are from, and what factory made the garments so to that I have a question: What are you doing to ensure that the people who make your clothes are being paid a living wage and #whomademyclothes?

There are so many amazing people out there with unique skills that should not be hidden. We should celebrate these people as much as possible and I think it’s about time retailers in the fast fashion industry started paying more attention to the people who make our clothes.