A Love letter to my Vagabond Boots

It's Fashion Revolution week! For the whole of this week I will be creating content related and inspired by Fashion Revolution. Today I'm kicking it all off with a love letter to an item in my wardrobe I have had for over 2 years and still love dearly! This is all about thinking about what you own already and truly loving your wardrobe! I'm also super excited because my sister, Charlotte, has helped create this post me, she's so good with words so a big shout out to her - you can follow her on Instagram @redbunny92 and Twitter @chazlitlemon.


photo (1).jpg

A gift given to eighteen year old me,

an unwrapping of never ending style,

to always be footloose and fancy free.

They say you don't know, till you walk a mile

in someone else's shoes, who they truly are.

And so these old vagabond boots of mine

are best memories conjured from afar,

a promise to keep on through space and time,

a reminder that, although a bit rough

around the edges, worn, but not worn out,

if your boots have always fit like a glove,

you are still suited for stomping about.

And perhaps see in my words if you will,

The reasons I have to never stand still.