Sustainable Fashion in the News

Keeping it short and sweet today. I find it really interesting to keep up to date with any news article related to sustainable fashion and what with Fashion Weeks happening over the past month, today I thought I'd share with you 3 top stories that I have read recently.



1) Stella McCartney continues her sustainable pursuit at Paris Fashion Week with collection of organic cotton and synthetic leathers

An interesting read showing that high end fashion can be sustainable as well as fashionable!

2) It may not be possible to slow down Fast Fashion - So can the industry ever be sustainable?

A really good article highlighting how we as consumers need to change our habits for the real change to happen!

3) This Model Turned CEO Is Betting 'Bricks And Clicks' Can Create A Green Fast-Fashion Empire

This article goes behind the scenes of one of my favourite sustainable brands, Reformation, to look at how they are changing the way we shop.