Sustainable Shopping Guide: New York

Today I'm sharing with you some sustainable shops in New York to pick up so good quality pieces. Below is a mixture of clothes shops and vintage stores and where you can find them. So if you're ever in New York and want to go shopping, you should definitely hit up these places!



I will stop banging on about reformation, honestly, just as soon as a better sustainable shop comes along! In New York, they have 3 stores, and I went to all of them, the staff there are super friendly and helpful. I managed to pick up 2 pieces in there, which you find out more about in the video below. The one criticism I would give is that there didn't seem to a lot of tops in their stores, the mostly had their dress collections, which I understand as that is probably what they are most famous for. But on the other hand if I had a store I would stock it with more of the everyday pieces like tops, trousers, jackets etc.



So this is a weird one, which I discuss more in the video below. But the Everlane in New York is more of a showroom where you can potentially pick up some pieces if they have your size and the colour/style you want, but it is mostly there for youth try out the pieces and see what you think before purchasing online. When I went there at 6pm on a Saturday it was pretty packed and I had to queue to get in, so bare that in mind if you decide to go.

Some other stores I didn't get the chance to go to...

Eileen Fisher


We also have this brand in the UK and it is very high end with a high price tag, but the pieces are beautiful. Eileen Fisher is probably one of the most well known sustainable brands out there. Currently there are 6 Eileen Fisher stores in NYC so you'll have no problem hunting one down and checking it out if you have the money and want to treat yourself.

Study NY

Set up by Tara St James, her focus is change the way the world thinks about sustainable fashion. She often collaborates with international artisans and then designs, cuts and sews these designs in NYC. Study NY can be purchased in a number of small NYC boutiques, such as Kaight and Bhoomki.

Freedom of Animals

This is a NYC based sustainable and cruelty free bag line. They create high end designer bags and offer an eco-friendly alternative in the market. They produce all their products in ethically run factories across the USA so you know that the bags are not only made from eco-friendly materials but that the people who make them are well looked after.

Moving on to a couple vintage/thrift stores...

When I headed to Reformation, I asked some of the girls in there where I could find some good vintage stores and they recommended me two. First up was a place that was literally called The Vintage Thrift Shop which was unfortunately closed due to a jewish holiday when we went but looking through the window it looked so cool. The second place was No Relation Vintage which was open when we went, it had two floors worth of clothes and was great fun to have a look around. It had a huge selection of denim and I managed to pick up exactly what I was looking for in here!