Sustainable Activewear and Fitness Routine

I mentioned in a video recently that I have just gotten back into fitness and have been working out more which obviously meant I needed some new gym clothes. I had never knew sustainable activewear really existed as I never really looked for it, but since have a nosy on Reve En Vert I have found a few new brands that I love!


Today I thought I'd share with you my current fitness routine and some of the new pieces I picked up from Reve En Vert.


These photos were taken in Central Park on Sunday morning. I absolutely love how these new pieces look and feel. I 100% agree that if you look and feel good in your gym clothes, then you're more likely to want to get up, put them on and work out. The new pieces from Reve En Vert are the sports bra crop top from Manduka and the leggings from Yoga Democracy. The crop top is prefect as it has a sports bra built in and as I get really hot very quickly whilst working out, crop tops are my go to. The leggings are like nothing I've had before, most of my legging collection consists of plain black full or cropped length, but I am absolutely loving the pattern on these and it has made me want to branch out and try some other more loud patterns!




Moving on to my routine - on a weekly basis I try to run in the morning Monday to Saturday. For me running is my favourite type of exercise, its great for clearing my head and I love running in the morning because its sets me up for the day ahead and makes me feel 100000x more motivated. I also currently follow this full body fitness routine below to build my core and work out the rest of my body.


Circuit 1

20 Squats

10 Burpees

20 Tricep Dips

15 Straight leg sit ups


Circuit 2

20 Toe Taps

15 Elevated push ups

24 Step Ups (12 per side)

50 Mountain Climbers (25 per side)


Circuit 3

15 Squats

24 Static Lunges (12 per side)

24 Knee Ups (12 per side)

15 Sumo Squats


Circuit 4

15 Push Ups

15 Straight leg raises

30 Sec Plank

30 Ab Bikes (15 per side)


I hope you've enjoyed this post, as it is something a little different but I absolutely loved sharing it with you and will be keeping you up to date on my fitness progress in the future!

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