people who inspire me

My new website will be live on Saturday and I am just so, so excited, you’ll even get an extra post out of me, how lucky are you guys!

But today I thought I’d give a little shout out/appreciation post to all the people and organisations I have discovered that have given me the inspiration to make this change.

Let’s start with what started it all off, the documentary ‘The True Cost’, which basically goes behind the scenes of the fashion industry and shows you what it’s really like for the people who make our clothes. It is a real eye opener and the first time I watched it I noted down as many companies, people and organisations that they talked to in the documentary to look into as soon as I had finished watching it.

‘The True Cost’ Documentary

The first was Fashion Revolution, an organisation that is changing the way we think about our clothes and helping us to ask the difficult question of ‘who made our clothes?’ It’s a tough question that a lot of retailers cannot currently answer. But the more consumers who ask the question the more likely they are to start answering the question and really take into consideration the working conditions of the people that make our clothes.

Fashion Revolution

There are also a few bloggers who are already changing the way we think about shopping – for example Reese Blustein from Double 3xposure who buys a lot of her clothes vintage, which I love, and she always styles her clothes in such modern and unique ways. The amazing Emma Watson also uses her place in the world to spread the word, she created a line with Kowtow a sustainable fashion brand and has also created a Instagram page called @the_press_tour where she shares images of all the outfits she’s worn on the Beauty and the Beast press tour and who designed them. All of these individuals are making small changes to the way they think about their wardrobe and through that are inspiring other consumers, like me, to do the same, and this is what I want to pass on to all of you with my blog. I want to be a little piece of the internet that says no to fast fashion and instead is a source for interested game changers to come and change their stance on fashion.

Reese Blustein, Double 3xposure

Emma Watson

Now I can’t speak about inspiration without talking about the fact that I was also inspired to curate a capsule wardrobe. I feel like sustainable fashion and capsule wardrobes kind of go hand in hand, with general idea being you shop less and have a collection of clothes for each season that you truly love. I have always been interested in capsule wardrobes, the phrase has been circulating the fashion world for some time now but I have never really thought that I could do it myself. I believe, do correct me if I am wrong, that Caroline Joy Rector from Unfancy was the first to document her capsule wardrobe on a blog. I love her website and she has created this really helpful guide that you can print out and fill in, I am currently doing this, which makes it so much easier for you to get your head around what clothes not only do want to wear but that are essential and practical for real life. Another blog that I love to read for all tips on created a capsule wardrobe is Anuschka Rees, I believe she has also recently published a book that I am very much looking forward to reading.

Caroline Joy Rector, Un-Fancy

Anuschka Rees, Curated Closet

  And a few of other places I have found interesting and helpful:

Greenpeace Detox Catwalk

Livia Firth and Eco Age

The Good Trade