the power of uniforms

I know for a lot of people as soon as you say the word uniform you are instantly reminded of your ill fitting secondary school uniform that you would always try to personalise just so that you could be different from everyone else. I know this is exactly what I used to think when I heard uniform. But now I've come to use the word in a new way - to describe a set of outfits that will be my go to on days that I either don't have the time to think about what I am wearing or days where I feel awful in everything I put together.

Today I am sharing one of my favourite go to uniforms, one that is probably a uniform for a lot of people without them even realising it. The classic basic tshirt, jeans or some form of  trousers, loafers and a spring jacket. Most days you can find me in some form of this perhaps with culottes instead of jeans or a maybe a different coloured tshirt but it's still the same formula. I really love the colour combination here, the khaki adds the perfect touch of colour to a black and white outfit that could otherwise be seen as boring.

I definitely have a new found love for uniforms, let me know in the comments if you have any go to outfits you know you'll always look good in.

JEANS: TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE (old, love these) | JACKET: ZARA JOIN LIFE (last season, try this) | SHOES: KURT GEIGER