some thoughts and feelings

The launch is not far off now and I have that new beginnings feeling! Although I have been making subtle changes to my wardrobe ever since I decided to make my wardrobe sustainable, from the April 1st I will be focusing hard on creating my capsule wardrobe with sustainable items & will then for the first time ever be committing to that wardrobe for 3 months. Scary, intimidating and super exciting!

So today I thought I’d share with you what I am excited about and the things I think I might find extremely hard!

Let’s start off with the latter, the things I am going to find hard. This list could be endless if I put myself in that mind-set, But I am being a glass half full kinda person with this and focussing on the positives! But there will  definitely be some challenges along the way.

The biggest challenge: shopping.

I have decided that once my capsule wardrobe is complete for Jun-Aug, I will try not to buy a new item of clothing unless I truly believe it will add to my wardrobe effortlessly and be a forever piece. This is going to be tough, as I can’t remember the last time I went even a month without buying new clothes, let alone three!

Second challenge: wearing all the wardrobe!

I am worried that there will be pieces in my wardrobe that won’t get the love and wear I thought they would over the summer, so right now I am seriously thinking about every piece I purchase to make sure that it is not only pretty and to my style but also adaptable and wearable for the things I do most often e.g. going to work.

Now on to the stuff that I am super excited for on this journey!

Although it may become a challenge come the end of August, I am really excited to try and continue to find new ways of styling pieces to keep my wardrobe fresh and to stop me from feeling bored. It’s definitely going to be hard but I want to have as much fun with it as possible.

I am also really excited about discovering loads of new sustainable brands, I’ve already found quite a few, more on that to come soon, and cannot wait to find more brands to fall in love with.

Finally, probably what I am most excited for, is how this journey is going to develop me and change me for the better.

‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.’ Said a wise uncredited quote on pinterest

I’ll be keeping you posted every month with little updates on how I’m feeling, so keep an eye out for posts on my journey to Sustainable Style….