love your denim

I have such a love hate relationship with denim. I wear it almost every day and its such a key player in my wardrobe, yet I seriously struggle to find a pair that fit my perfectly.

I am rather on the short side, but have quite curvy thighs and butt and a smallish waist, so trying to find a pair that I can get over my butt, fit round my waist and don't drown my legs is a struggle to say the least. I found this pair in the H&M conscious collection and seriously loved them, they're perfect straight skinny fit and I love the rip detailing, they fitted round my butt and waist so I was on to a winner. The only downside was the length, they kind of just scrunched at the bottom of my ankles. I could have rolled them, and I did try, but I have this thing where I think rolled jeans on me makes my legs look shorter then they already are and also makes my ankles look fatter. Now this may all be in my head, but if you don't love yourself in an item of clothing then you'll never wear them. Thankfully for me, frayed hems are seriously in right now and don't seem to be going anywhere soon. So because I loved the rest of the fit and style so much (and thought frayed hems would work really well with this style) I took a pair of fabric scissors to them and made them my own. I absolutely love how they've turned out and they are definitely now my favourite pair of jeans that I own!