inspired by

A little while ago I saw this image above, I believe it was from a Fashion Week but can't quite remember which one - my bad. Anyways, I completely fell in love with the combo and saved the image instantly as inspiration for outfits with my puffer jacket. And today I thought I'd share with you my recreation of this look.

The main thing I loved about the outfit was the shirt sticking out from under a jumper, so I went digging for the perfect shirt in the depths of my wardrobe and come across this really old one from Zara which worked really well with my beloved mango jumper. Then I went for my navy skinny jeans to balance out the oversizedness (totally just made that up) of the puffer. I finished the look off with my loafers and a little crossbody bag because I really loved how the puffer look with a short crossbody bag.

I really love this outfit and it was so much fun trying to use only things I had in my wardrobe and not buying anything new to try and copy the look exactly.