something needs to change

Today I do not have an outfit post for you. Do I feel guilty about this? Yes. Do I feel like I'm struggling to come up with fun, new ways to wear clothes? Yes. Am I worried that I'm trying too hard to be someone/something I'm not? Yes. These are just some of the questions that have been going round and round in my head of late. So instead of hiding behind a half-hearted outfit post, I thought I'd discuss the problem with you. And that problem is, of course, the dreaded 'I have nothing to wear and I don't feel myself' feeling.

I have always written this blog to be about my personal style, the things that continue to stay the same about my style and the new trends that I like to dip my toes into every now and then. But what happens when I feel like I have lost touch with my personal style?

I wanted to just start from scratch, so I did a huge wardrobe clear out a couple weeks ago. Then I went online and did a little bit of research, and that is when I came across, a blog written by Anuschka Rees and it is based around how to curate the perfect wardrobe. I seriously recommend you go and have a read, I've learned a lot since reading some of her posts.

She also created a wardrobe planner which is free to download, and I jumped at the chance to go through it, and thought it'd be good to share with what I've planned to buy/looks I want to create over the next couple months.

So the planner starts off by asking you some questions, here are some examples and my answers:

1. Who is your number one style icon for this season and why?

This was a tough one, I couldn't just pick one person! I am continually inspired from bloggers like Lizzy Hadfield from Shot from the Streets, Lucy Williams from Fashion Me Now and Alex Steadman from The Frugality to celebrities like Alex Chung.

2. List three new things you want to try.

The three things I went with were, dressing smarter for my full time job, wearing more patterns/colours and trying leather trousers. Let's see if I do actually do any of these over the next few months!

3. What colours do you want to wear this season?

I scrolled through my screenshots and Pinterest boards to see if there were any colours that stood out and these were my main colours that I truly loved and wanted to continue wearing/try:

Main colours - Grey, Khaki, Camel

Neutrals - Black, White

Accent shades - Red, Pale pink, Brown, Navy

4. What pieces are your most important key pieces this season?

Vintage inspired Denim, leather trousers, knitwear, Blazers/cropped jackets, Overcoats, striped tees, interesting/fun blouses/shirts, Boots

Then it finishes with a space for you to write what you need to buy, repair and replace. I've been doing some online shopping, and ordered a few new bits to try which has given me a new found love for my style and hopefully I feel a bit more excited about getting dressed again.

I now want to use my blog to track how I am developing my personal style and see how it has changed, and hopefully in a couple months time I can write a post updating you guys on how I feel! It feels so good to finally get this off my chest and to also share with you guys that it is ok to feel a little lost and out of touch with your personal style! I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's maybe even given you a little bit of inspiration. Have a good week!