the last minute gifts and personalised wrapping

So who can believe Christmas is on Sunday, because I really cannot!! Thankfully this year I have been overly organised and just have one present left to pick up, and thought for the many people out there that still need to get someone a present I'd do a little gift guide., and share with you some ideas on how to make wrapping personal!

The Best Friend

Whenever I'm buying for a friend, I always lean towards pieces that are truly indulgent and pretty and all about that self love, because who doesn't want to give their friends something to make them happy and love themselves! Jewellery is definitely a good way to go, something minimal but good quality is always a good choice. My next choice would be a beauty/skincare hamper, something really indulgent with high end products they may not necessarily buy for themselves. You can either buy hampers ready made or make your own to give it that personal touch.

The Mum or Sister

Now my sister has grown up and moved out I feel like I can actually buy her adult things and I love it. I always feel with my mum and my sister I want to buy them something beautiful but also useful, so I head for the homeware department. Anything from new wine glasses to pretty paintings or vases i think are always a good idea. To make it personal you can even buy a really beautiful frame and add a really nice photo of you together.

The Dad or Brother

Oh my goddddd! Aren't men just the hardest people to buy for?! I struggle every year to find something that they will like and actually use. I tend to lean towards technology for them, as there's so much new and exciting technology out there that can be suited to anyone, and I also just love watching my Dad try to work it all out (sorry Dad)! If it's not technology then I'll usually buy some basic clothing like plain t-shirts, socks etc, which is boring yes, who doesn't need them!

The Boyfriend

I am actually quite lucky in the fact that my boyfriend is really easy to buy for. He is obsessed with trainers, so the latest pair is always a good bet, or I'll get him some classic pieces like a watch or coat etc (A lot of the things I've linked above for Dads/Brothers would also be perfect for a boyfriend). I also think a 'red letter' experience is a good bet if you have no idea what to get them, as memories last forever

Moving on to the wrapping of the present's, I thought I'd share with you how I made my wrapping a bit more personal this year. Don't get me wrong I am all for the amazing wrapping paper you can get (specifically Paperchase wrapping paper), but I'd seen some many images on pinterest of black chalkboard wrapping with personalised designs on, and I thought I'd give it go on brown paper instead. I am so so happy with how it turned out, all I needed was a chalk pen, and brown paper and a bit of pinterest inspiration! I think they look so cool, and I had so much fun doing it whilst watching lots of vlogmas to truly get me in the spirit!

I hope you've enjoyed this rather hefty post, and all the content I have created this year, I love my little corner of the internet so much and it's been such a good year! This will be my last post of 2016, as I will now be in full Christmas lazy mode for the next 2 weeks, but do not fear I'll be back in January with loads of exciting content to share! Have an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year! See you in 2017!