coffee fuelled mornings

Yesterday I woke up to a beautiful foggy view outside, one of my favourite types of weather because it's so pretty to look at! (But bloody freezing to be outside in it) Garlok and I were heading over to Richmond, firstly to get my eyes tested by his sister and secondly to spend the day wondering around Richmond and it's beautiful park.

I've just ordered a new pair of glasses which I can't wait to share with you all! I've liked how my glasses looked in photos, but these new ones are just too good not to share, so expect to be seeing some outfit photos of me with glasses coming your way soon!

Afterwards we made the most of being in beautiful Richmond and headed to Richmond park in the hope of seeing some deer. I thought this would be a difficult task but a few steps into the park we were able to see about 10 deer, they were beautiful and we were able to get so close! I've popped a couple photos at the bottom of this post, one of a deer that we were lucky enough to get really close to and the second a stunning view from Richmond hill.

Finally, let's talk about the outfit, although not the most approiate as I was absolutely freezing, I really liked this outfit. It was a super simple and minimal outfit as we were heading out early and I wanted to wear something that I felt comfortable in and pieces that I love. I also wanted to add this jacket as it is one I have barely worn since I bought it but I love it a lot and think it looks great with this outfit.