new additions

Happy Monday, today I'm sharing with you a couple new pieces I have recently added to my wardrobe that have completely given some life back into my outfits!

First up are these black skinny jeans from Weekday. They are their Thursday fit, and I think they are probably the comfiest skinny jeans I've bought - I also bought them in their light blue colour - iBlue. They fit me so well around the waist and hips which is something I always stuggle to find in jeans so that gets a massive thumbs up from me. The only downside to these jeans is the length - I am quite short so always get the shortest leg size available when I can. For these jeans that was a leg length 30", I like my jean hem to come just above my ankle as I think that's most flattering for my body shape. However, these jeans were really quite long and I've had to roll them, which I don't usually like so I am going to get these tailored and then they 'll be the most perfect pair of jeans I've ever owned!

Moving on to the second new item in my wardrobe which are these grey vans. These were such an impulse buy, when me and Garlok were in Brighton, we went into the Vans store I saw these and just knew I had to have them. I was kind of on the look out for some new trainers already but didn't know what kind I wanted and I really think they are absolutely perfect. I love the colour of them, the shape and the style - they are giving my outfits some much needed new life and I love it!