fashion undressed 

(This image is not my own)Today I thought I'd share with you what I got up to over the weekend, well one of the things anyway! On Saturday Garlok and myself headed up to the Southbank centre to see what the Fashion Undressed Festival was all about. Side note, Southbank is such a cool place to go and have so much fun, there's always something going on and is generally just a really nice area.

(This image is not my own)

Fashion Undressed was all about celebrating style and creativity, with lots of catwalks, photoshoots, talks, workshops and more. They had a really cool thrift shop there, and these walls which were all about 'what we wore', and how our style is developed by the places we live in, where we buy our clothes and the people we hang out with. All in all it was an amazing day, made even better by the fact that I got to meet Lizzy from Shot From The Street, and she was so lovely so if you don't follow her already, go do it now!

Right, moving on to what I wore, it was crazy hot again this weekend, so I went with minimal effort, minimal clothing, with my Levi denim shorts, a Zara high neck ribbed top and my Topshop sandals, made all the more interesting with my beautiful Charlotte Tilbury red lippy. A red lip always makes an outfit look so much better, and so much more interesting and sometimes you need that when you don't want to put a lot of effort in! Also how 'instagramable' was the Southbank shop!