restaurant review: hello burger


Coming at you on this glorious Friday morning with a bit of a different post!

Recently, Garlok and myself went to a local restaurant called hello burger, and it was so bloody delicious I thought I'd share with you some photos and what we thought of the place. I love it when I find a really nice local/independent restaurant/cafe because they are always so quirky and cute in there own way and I love that about them, and this little gem is no different!

We went on a Tuesday night, so it wasn't very busy, which was kind of nice as it felt like we had the whole restaurant to ourselves! The staff were super friendly and welcoming and attentive throughout the meal. The restaurant itself is really nice as well, I love how it was designed, especially the lights, which I now totally want in my home!

Moving on to the food, oh the food. YUM! So when we got there, we were both(and when I say both I mean me) really hungry so ordered a starter of pitta and tzatziki, the pitta was warm and look homemade, and the tzatziki took me straight back to when Garlok and I was in Greece last year! It was the perfect while you wait starter, just the right size for the two of us. Now onto the main meal, we both order the hello burger which consisted of a beef patty, halloumi, streaky bacon and avocado. I got it without the bun and a side salad with sweet potato fries and Garlok got skinny fires - both equally delicious. It was the perfect size, the meat was cooked well and it all tasted sooo good together! For drinks I went with a Station Road Ice Tea, which was finished way to quickly!

IMG_3738 IMG_3745

All in all, the meal was really good and at a standard I would expect of a central London based restaurant so I am super pleased with this little find and would definitely recommend!